Friday, December 5, 2008

Lori's Lists

I used to work with someone who had this theory that all first-born children are list-makers. If she saw someone making a list of any kind she'd ask, "Are you the first-born in your family?" and then she would smile with satisfaction when they would answer "yes." I actually think her theory might possibly be right on. It's true in MY case, at least, because I'm nothing if not a list-making fool! So, to stay true to myself and, admittedly, to provide myself an outlet for my little "problem," here goes...

Things To Do This Weekend:

  • Get Noah measured for a tux. Yes, folks, he has accepted a position as the official Ring Bearer in my cousin's wedding. He'll be a handsome fella, no doubt.
  • Get serious and make some actual decisions about Christmas gifts. I've denied the fact that it's already December long enough!!
  • Vacuum. A-a-a-choo!
  • Get the Christmas tree all Christmased up. Poor thing has been bare for an entire week now.
  • Run to Hobby Lobby and Garden Ridge to see what they have in the way of ornaments for the boys (already found Saylor some ballet slippers--pink, of course) and pick up some thread for the throw pillows upstairs.
  • Decide what Christmas goodies/snacks/foods I would like to make this year and get my grocery list made.
  • Clean. That goes without saying.
  • Quit being a ball of nerves over it and get busy sewing up the knitted pieces for Atticus's winter snuggly.
  • List some more junk on ebay. Love to sell, hate to list.
  • Blog.
  • Finish up those pesky thank you cards.
  • Think of more things to make lists about.


  1. First born? Check. List maker? Check. List completer? Well,! :)

  2. I've been having fun catching up on your life! This year I made hard candy...oh so cheap and easy!


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