Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 365: Week 2

Sunday, January 2, 2011

These three girls love each other so. It's going to be sad to not have sweet, little Annie with us anymore.

Her family leaves on the 11th for Uganda.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welp. My computer officially died today. 

Notice what it says about inserting a CD-ROM? Three weeks ago the computer just suddenly "lost" the CD-ROM drive. It was nowhere to be found. I tried downloading the driver from Dell's website, but it wouldn't install because of some sort of glitch. Lovely, huh?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We dropped the kids off with my parents last night and then got up this morning to drive to New Orleans with my father-in-law, Paul's sister, and her husband. (Otherwise known as Poppy, Aunt Wendy, and Uncle Mert, respectively.) New Orleans! Yeah, baby! We set the tone for our stay by stopping off at Camellia Grill before doing anything else.  :)

Reasons to like Camellia Grill:
1. Comfort food galore
2. Très cool wait staff who banter with the customers and wear bowties
3. Pink walls
4. Quick, made-to-order food
5. Melt-in-your-mouth burgers
6. Two locations: the original (where we ate) and one in the French Quarter (so when you're hungry after a ballgame and would rather not try the food at some random bar, where you'll have to wait at least an hour for the drinkers to get up from their tables, you'll have a tried-and-true, down-home-good joint to satisfy your hunger). This is foreshadowing...

Then we checked in to our hotel, which was a couple of blocks from the Superdome. Why were we going to the Superdome? To see the Razorbacks hopefully win the Sugar Bowl!!!! 

Hootie (without his Blowfish) sang the National Anthem, but it was unimpressive, at best. The kids would have liked the indoor fireworks, though. Let me just say, the Superdome is definitely pretty.......super.

Okay. So this has nothing whatsoever to do with football, but I was quite awed by Ohio State's band!! I'm a former band geek, and I've always been the type to stay in the stands during halftime to watch the bands perform. Ohio State's band was BY FAR the best marching band I've EVER seen in my life!! 

Now back to football. In case you haven't heard, we lost. It was a heartbreaker. We looked like nervous wrecks the entire game, made bunches of mistakes, but by the end, still managed to get within a mere five points of our formidable opponent. We fans were definitely on our feet a lot. And I may never sing again, I screamed so hard. The game ended LATE, but Paul and I were hungry, so we walked through the Quarter until we found the other location of Camellia Grill. Twice in one day. It's that good. I DID order something different the second time, at least.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our second day in New Orleans started with coffee and beignets at Cafe DuMonde, though I don't eat beignets. (I know. I'm weird. I also don't like funnel cakes. So I probably need to be committed, right?) I love outdoor cafes...because of the hungry birds. That's the major draw for me. ;)

After a tiny bit of shopping for those we left behind, we took a taxi to the next food stop: Domilise's Sandwich Shop for poboys. A nice walk was just what we needed afterward. And then we took the St. Charles Streetcar back to the hotel.

We rested our bellies up a bit and then went out for dinner at La Crepe Nanou. Oh, my. It was goooooood. This was my dinner: A crepe with smoked salmon, boursin cheese, capers, and a little bit of red onion. FABulous!!

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, they brought out the Creme Brulee. Mert and I shared it, and we both agreed it was the best we've ever had! That's saying something!!

After dinner we took the streetcar back to the French Quarter to visit Pat O'Brien's piano lounge. I had so. much. fun. They have dueling pianos on stage for the all-request show. It's amazing!!! Awesome musicians. They play, they sing, they do anything. Even beatboxing! I highly recommend this place. Only downside is all the smoke I had to inhale. (YUCK!) Killed my throat. (Again.)

This guy was my fave. He won me over with the harmonica on a Billy Joel song.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It was a long drive back home, but once we were home with the kids and had had our dinner, we gifted them with their surprise from us: pralines from New Orleans! Deelish!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Today was all about laundry, cleaning, and taking down the Christmas.

Saturday, January 8, 2011
"Missionary Day"

My good friend from college came for a visit with her family this morning. We haven't seen each other since her wedding day over eleven years ago. A lot has happened since then.  ;)  We packed in SO much talking in not very much time. She's the kind of friend you just pick right back up with from where you left off. It's a beautiful thing. And speaking of beautiful, her children are, too!! She and her hubby are missionaries in Germany and are in the States for five more months before going back. (They don't live near here; they were just passing through after visiting family.)

Almost immediately after our visitors left, we got ready and headed over to the Rackleys' house. They leave for Africa three days from now. It's our "last hurrah."

We miss them already.

Wow. Week 2 was a might busy. I'm actually looking forward to next week when things can get back to normal (whatever that means) with homeschool. It's high time. My post is linked up at Sara's Project 365. Happy Snowstorms!


  1. I have to comment about the OSU band. I'm from Columbus, Ohio, so I'm a fan of the Buckeyes. But around here you can be an OSU fan and not give one lick about sports. We have a pretty good football team, but the band is/was/always has been awesome. The honest to goodness nickname of our band is The Best Damn Band in the Land. (sorry for the swear word). We have bumper stickers with TBDBITL on it and we actually know what it means. :) The first year we won a National Champhionship with Coach Tressel he said "We've always known we've had the best damn band in the we have the best damn football team in the land!" Our band really does rock! :) (again, sorry for the swear word)

  2. Wow! That was a busy week.b I really want to go to New Orlreans one day to jump from rest. To rest! That food looked and sounded songood!

  3. It looks like a great time with friends!


  4. I was going to take credit for the band (I don't live that far from Columbus), but Amanda wins. I am from NC after all. Sorry about the game - I didn't really care who wins, although people at work are happier when Ohio State wins.

    Boy all of that food looks DIVINE! And if we were together I'd eat your beignet for you. Heh.

  5. What a fun week you and your family have here. i enjoyed looking at the photos.

    Visiting from project 365

  6. Looks like your trip was quite eventful! It's great you were able to get away like that. All that food sounds interesting to my not so adventurous self, but as long as you enjoyed it :)

  7. Lori, the next time you are in the Big Easy, you must eat at Mulate's across from the Riverwalk Mall near the convention center. WOW! We go everytime! We may talk Mr. Billy and Mrs. Kat into going in March. And I can't believe you don't like beignets! What???? I say YUM and then some! But I HATE the chicory coffee!


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