Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Needs a Menu

Breakfast: Leftover muffins, kefir smoothies
Lunch: Hummus, chips, cheese, grapes
    To do: Soak flour for crackers
Dinner: Pancakes, scrambled eggs, fruit

Breakfast: Cheese toast, bananas
    To do: Soak batter for waffles
Lunch: Peanut butter sandwiches, fruit  (Saylor and Mommy going out with friends.)
    To do: Bake crackers
Dinner: Black bean burgers, sweet potatoes

Breakfast: Soaked waffles, fruit
Lunch: Cheese, crackers, fruit, hard-boiled eggs
Dinner: Something in the crockpot
    To do: Soak oats for granola

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, toast, sausage
Lunch: Bean burritos, carrots, fruit
    To do: Make pizza dough
Dinner: Creamy tomato soup, bread
    To do: Bake granola

Breakfast: Yogurt with granola and fruit
    To do: Bake granola
Lunch: Four-cheese toasted sandwiches, asparagus
Dinner: Pizza

Sat./Sun.  Whatevs

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