Saturday, March 17, 2012

Counting On...(219-230)

Three Gifts Found in Silence:

#219  Nap time respite.

#220  The sound of my man sleepy-breathing, just as he dozes off, right next to me.

#221  A smile in sunshine.


Three Gifts Given Away:

#222  A bite of my [fill in the blank] at the request of one who came from my womb--unresistable.

#223  A few precious moments before bedtime to act crazy. 

#224  Music for our special friends. Blessing in knowing they've enjoyed it.


Three Hard Eucharisteos:

#225  Wanting the ONE thing. So badly. And seeing so many around me WITH that thing. That's hard. Must. trust. God.

#226  A busy life.

#227  Missing friends who live far away.


#228  A Gift Turned

Little boy turned big boy this week, giving up his beloved Silkie--with. no. problem.

#229  A Gift Folded

#230  A Gift Hung

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