Monday, March 10, 2014

Necessarily Rewinding: The Holidays (Part 4)

December 2012 started out pretty stinkin' snazzy. Check it out.

Christmas tree shopping.

It's a serious business.

This is what the boys do EVERY time!!

It was a big 'un.

Shaun Groves came to OUR church, put on a Christmas concert and did a talk for Compassion International (love them) at OUR church (did I mention that already??), and then....oh, then...I was SURPRISED (very SURPRISED) with the opportunity to sing WITH him as an encore in the concert!!! Oh, yes!! It actually happened!!!

Aren't the sweats just lovely?? If only I'd been wearing black or white sweats, something like that--at least they would have matched my very red, very astonished face a little better.  ::sheesh::

Shaun Groves!!!!!

Oh, holy jingle bells, Batman, I look terrible. In fact, I look EXACTLY like a momma who'd been wrestling with a massive Christmas tree and all its many decorations all day long. Hmm...

I loved getting to meet him and, of course, sing with him. After the concert, I chatted with Shaun about life with four kids, homeschooling, Compassion blogging, and these posts of his on depression, which meant so much to me because. I. get. it. And I need to talk about it more.


If you've been reading, you may have read between the lines that our kids being in public school didn't, in fact, LAST. I'll get into that whole story a little later, but for now let's just say that we were all very, very ready to bring them back home. The district graciously let us take them out on our own timetable, which was December 3rd. (We couldn't even wait until Christmas break!!!)

Heading out for their last day of school.

It's done. It's over. We hope we never have to do that again. M'kay?

First day at home and Noah is busy building.

We now have the freedom to attend things like The Nutcracker on a Friday morning!! It's awesome!

Not only did we get to hear Shaun Groves, but Kari Jobe also rolled into town! Wahoo! Kari Jobe!!!

::Pretend there's a video here. I have one, but I am in NO mood for Youtube encoding procedures.::

Saylor attended a birthday party for her sweet, former classmate.

Christmas shopping is so much fun! Right???

We got "12" on 12-12-12. (We needed an excuse...)

We shipped my favorite Christmas gift "find"off to our sweet nephew. Wish they lived nearer...:(

It's looking kind of Christmas-sy around here.

This year's (2012) backwards birth order.

Wrapping helpers.

On Christmas Eve, we had lunch with family. (I just love dressing them all matchy-matchy.) This would have been a great picture had Atticus not been VERY much against having his picture made.

Christmas Morning, we started the day with snuggles.

Then on to the stockings.

I always like to get each child a nice, new book.


He loves Lambie the very best! (Never mind that she wears a pink tutu...)

Somehow no one noticed the severe bedhead happening here...until it was too late.

Speaking of pink tutus, this one is handmade by yours truly.

...from his favorite ride at Silver Dollar City.

That night, Christmas night, the power went out, and it got very, very cooooooold...

...thanks to a sudden onslaught of snow and ice.

The next day we stuck it out, hoping the electric company would fix our little "problem," while the kids played outside a bit. A very little bit. Let me tell you, the whole playing outdoors thing doesn't last too long when there is no dryer to dry their icy clothes! Finally, we headed to Conway to stay in Poppy's nice, warm house. Days later, when we finally got power back on at our house, we had to dispose of many, many food items. (That's so hard for me.)

I guess Saylor loves her new doll. It's got its very own covers.

Noah made a bomb on his new Etch-a-Sketch. 

Our New Year's card:
(New Year's cards are what people send when they just can't get it all done like normal people.)

Mimi and Da brought "Late Christmas" to us.

Gabe got his first Lego set from Aunt Erin and Uncle Benjamin.

Saylor got a beautiful cloak and gauchos from Mimi and Da and a jeweled feather for her hair from Poppy and Brenda.

We always have fun shopping at Barnes and Noble with our Christmas gift cards. Thanks, Aunt Donna and Uncle Aubrey! (We have to do a LOT of exploring before we buy in this store.)

And, because it's DEFINITELY still the "holidays" as long as the Rackleys are in town......these pics belong in this post, too. ::grin:: Kelly shared with the women of our church.

I made a cake for the occasion, and I just had to decorate with the beads she gave me from Africa.

When the Rackleys are here, it is SUCH a precious time! 

Ok. Those were the 2012 Holidays. Things definitely went downhill from there. Ha!

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