Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Blog Post I Never Thought I'd Write

Hope that title didn't freak anybody out. It's just that, well, I never did.

MY expectations were that a) we would FINALLY sell our beautiful home in the Villages of Wellington (which we did in May of 2013), b) we would buy some land (we didn't--long story), and c) right about now, we would be in our custom-built, just-the-way-I-wanted-it home on our lovely land, off-the-grid, with a cow and some chickens and ducks milling about and me wearing a vintage apron and canning homegrown vegetables. We were MADE to be homesteaders!  ::sigh::

God had other ideas.

Instead of life in the country, He has for us............life in the city of Dallas.


Uh........BIG. Difference.

This Arkansas-born-and-bred gal is actually moving to Texas, of all places. 

Paul got a job there, so here we go. We leave behind our two Arkansas hometowns (small as all get-out), our extended Arkansas families, our beloved college where we met, and all the wonderful friends we made (who have BECOME our family) here in Little Rock where we've lived for the last seventeen years. 

Not until now did I realize just how deeply I had planted my "roots."

Understandably, I am quite apprehensive, and my heart is heavy because I love so many people here. In fact, a giant CHUNK of my heart will be left behind! But I'm also a little excited to see what all the Lord has in store for us. Besides, I'm ready to be reunited with my man. He's been working there during the week for two and a half months now, only coming home on the weekends! And let me just tell you, raising four kids alone isn't at all natural. Or lovely. Or desirous.

So despite not having found a home YET in the DFW area, we gave our (flexible) 30-day notice yesterday to the company that manages the rental home we are currently in. 

Which means the clock is now officially ticking.           !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If anyone needs me, I'll be elbow-deep in boxes and bubble wrap.

The kids on their first trip to visit Dallas, enjoying their first-ever game of mini-golf


  1. We DO have miniature golf in Arkansas too !!:} Happy for your family to be reunited, sad to miss you, but we WILL COME TO DALLAS-and touch base. Sent you my favorite contacts in Dallas, so make friends and know you are deeply loved!! Blessings!

  2. Oh wow - what a change in direction! You could consider yourself heading to the city mission field... Here's hoping you find a fabulous home!


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