Friday, May 27, 2016

Gabe's First Birthday 2008--Nautical Theme

Gabriel's first birthday fell right on Memorial Day, so we went with a bit of a nautical theme. I ordered these easy-to-do, blank invitations, printed them myself, tied the ribbons on, and voila!

There were cousins.

And Daddy's famous fish 'n chips wrapped in newspaper cones (lined with freezer paper).

There was cake. (My favorite cake of all my parties to date.)

And there were cupcakes.



And fun.

Party guests received a sailor hat and a plastic sailboat.

Baby boy enjoyed his smash cake.

 It was such a sweet time. All our little babies! (And one 'little bun' in the oven...yes, I was pregnant with #4 WHILE giving my #3 his first birthday party.)

But nothing could be any sweeter than this little guy in his sailor suit.

Happy 1st Birthday, Gabriel Isaiah!

The BITTERsweet part? This scrumptious baby boy JUST turned 9 on me!

Oh. oh. oh.

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