Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fashion Conspiracy Theory

She's got it all figured out.



  1. ITA I wear tanks under EVERYTHING. I hate it... primarily for the "too hot" to wear layers reason. My favorite tanks are my maternity tanks... even when not pregnant. They help out at the top AND the bottom... so I don't fear my rear hanging out when I sit. Of course, THEY were initially too low cut too and I had to sew an extra seam at the shoulder...

  2. Oh, Lori, I never realized how much I've fallen for the cami conspiracy! I do agree with Becca, though, as they definitely keep my rear end from hanging out when I sit! I'm constantly pulling those camis down in church and feeling much more secure! Plus, I love to shop, and camis are cheap and can add a new spot of color to an old outfit. See? I think I may have even BECOME part of the cami conspiracy!


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