Thursday, August 13, 2009

Staycation: Day 4

Things are starting to wind down. Like our energy level. And our ability to make a plan and stick with it. Today was kind of wacky because we couldn't seem to decide what to do with ourselves, but it was a great day, nonetheless.

Day 4 Activities:

1. Some children actually slept later than usual today. Always a plus!

2. Breakfast was watermelon, banana, and bagels with cream cheese. Well, truthfully, someone had to have a hamburger bun with cream cheese, because we didn't have enough bagels. But there's no need to get bogged down in the details, is there?

3. There was even more tickling, wrestling, Wii playing, lazing around, etc.

4. We lunched on another Davidson fave: peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

5. Once we were all awake, dressed, and fed, we headed to the library. The kids picked out a few books while I used the library's printer once again. (Have I mentioned my Dell printer isn't compatible with our...oh. wait...)

6. We had dressed the kids in their matching Easter outfits to try for a picture. (When you're a parent of FOUR children, age 7 and younger, you say you'll try for a picture. There are no guarantees.) We found some beautiful flowers, sat next to them, even smiled and sat nicely, then Mommy clicked and POOF--out went the battery. For a brief moment I thought it was a fluke, so we tried again, got all set up and everything, and...nothing. Doggone!!

7. Back at home we switched cameras and tried one more time. We were not in as pleasant a mood as before, unfortunately.

Yep. This is as good as it gets today.
(The details you can't really see: Noah's shorts are madras, Saylor's dress is white eyelet, and she has a navy bow with a small lime green one on top. Baby blue, navy blue, lime green, and white. That was our "color scheme.")

8. I put the three youngest down for naps while Paul and Noah went to FedEx Kinko's. (Did y'all know they've officially shoved the "Kinko's" part out of the "FedEx Kinko's" title? It's so weird to me to think of "Kinko's" and call it "FedEx.") Ahem. We had to get our Notice of Intent to Home School faxed in to the Superintendent's office. Paul also took several of my school books and made some copies for the kids. Wasn't that sweet?

9. Next we decided to have dinner at The Purple Cow since the kids had never eaten there before. The food wasn't half bad. The kids had grilled cheese sandwiches ('cause I actually let THEM choose) with apple sauce on the side instead of chips ('cause I did NOT let them choose their side item). We ordered milk for the kids to drink and Noah said, "I knew they'd have milk here. 'Cause 'Purple COW.' Get it? COW?" Ha! Paul and I had burgers, which tasted somewhat homemade, I thought. If we ever go back, the only thing I'd do differently is go ahead and get the fries or at least something other than the fruit cup I ordered. Why did I DO that?! In my 35 years, I've never had a decent "fruit cup" at a restaurant. It's always 85% varieties of unripe melon, two grapes, a strawberry, and some slices of nasty ol' banana. I'm ALWAYS disappointed with the "fruit cup!" Afterward, the kids and I shared some kind of triple chocolate malt dessert thingie, which they kindly split four ways (their idea, not mine--wasn't that nice?) was much too rich for my "Plain Jane" taste. But...still good.

"Sweet potatoes and kale for ME, thanks!"

This is Gabriel's immediate reaction after first tasting the chocolate treat!

10. After dinner, I buzzed away in Paul's car over to the Rhea Lana sale, while Paul took the kids (all four!!) to Petco to look around just for fun. I mean, I left him IN the restaurant with all four and all the gear. So he had to gather stuff and children and shuffle through all the tables and cross the parking lot and buckle car seats and then stop and get out somewhere else and watch all four in a real and for real STORE. I'm so impressed with him! It was his very first outing on his own with all four kiddos under his care. You go, Daddy-O! (And just so you know, this was not my plan! The restaurant was just S-L-O-W for some reason, and it got too late for me to help him 'cause I had to be at the sale by 7:00. 'Cause being on time for a sale of this magnitude is of utmost importance...especially when it takes three whole hours to get the shopping done! Right?) Anyhoo, back to the pet store...

"Mommy and Daddy actually used to HAVE one of these things??!!"

Gabe thinks it might "hurt" him.

Seemingly unimpressed with the ferrets...

11. The Rhea Lana sale was an overall success. I noticed many of the items I had consigned had been sold, so...yay! And I purchased three large bags of clothing, spending an average of only $3.57 an item. And we are done. Well, except for pajamas and Saylor some shoes and probably a pair or two for Noah and new underwear and socks and Saylor some bows and Saylor a coat and maybe something matchy for Christmas. Except for those things, we are done.

Note of explanation: Rhea Lana is held in the old Linens 'N' Things building.

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  1. sounds like a great day...the staycation is going great, yes?

    peanut butter and honey is my favorite!!!


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