Thursday, August 13, 2009

This Blog is in Constant Need of Repair

Okay. I just NOW noticed that my comments section has been MISSING entirely from my blog posts. What in the world?! So, I've spent the better part of nap time trying to determine the cause of that and then "fiss it." You'll be happy to know, all done. (As far as the rest of the crazy problems, I'll reserve those for another day, another nap.)


  1. Here's hoping YOU get to sleep til 10 tomorrow!

  2. about the fabric... yes, I did copy them all and group them like that in photoshop. I needed to see them together to see what I wanted. I think I got it at
    I find fabric I like then just search the name of it to find it at the best price... I can't find my order summary, but I'm pretty sure that's where I found the best price for all of it.

  3. Hey, I was wondering why you "got rid of your comments." When I first read some of your posts, it was gone, so I'll be back later to make comments. (especially about the milk, haha) :)


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