Saturday, August 7, 2010

Eleven Years

Eleven years ago right about this time, I was standing with my handsome bridegroom in my hometown church about to become Mrs. Paul Davidson. Eleven years ago I had no idea what my life was going to look like TODAY, but I was game. I only knew I wanted to be hand-in-hand with a crazy, button-pushing, non-singer who had (still has) the best laugh ever.

Eleven years ago, I was worried about what the flowers in my hair looked like. Now I have a better perspective on what's really important.

Eleven years ago I had no idea what eleven years would feel like. It feels good.

Eleven years ago today I married my best friend. 

The best friend who's going to be mad at me if he finds out I'm blogging today of all days! But then again, he's at the office getting ready for a big out-of-town trial. (So sad.) Is this what happens to people after eleven years and four children?! Ha! Actually, we ARE having a dinner date tonight, so y'all don't go to worrying about us or anything. There will be celebration, merriment, good food, and two people...

...still in love after eleven years.


  1. happy day, friends! i totally agree...paulie's laugh is priceless...and YES, he is most certainly a button pusher! we love yall and need a visit soon...wanna come to louisiana?!?! :)


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