Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Snips, Snails, & Pretty Pigtails

Okay. I'm stalling. I admit it. Ha! Here's a post I drafted back in the middle of May and never got around to posting. It'll have to do to buy me some time while I hunt for my camera software so it can be reinstalled. Grrrr....

Noah had a tooth that was just begging to be pulled. Look how crazy crooked it is!!

Noah at 7 (Spring 2009)

So...I actually pulled it myself. But only because Noah kept trying and couldn't get it, and it was just getting grosser and grosser. (I am NOT the official tooth-puller in this household.) But I just had to put an end to it! Lost Tooth #4.

Saylor is currently (5/14/09 being the time of this writing) wearing a two-toned, satin pleated skirt (from her dress-up closet) with a green tank top (despite it being 65 degrees right now). But that's better than yesterday's ensemble of the very same skirt worn OVER a pair of jeans, a top that didn't come close to matching the skirt, and red sparkly flip-flops. She always HAS been a little fashion diva.

Saylor at 2 1/2 (Summer 2007)

Gabriel took off his diaper sometime in the middle of the night last night (again, this was written on 5/14/09) and then somehow proceeded to sleep late (8:30) this morning in a bed FULL of wetness. Ah, yes. So that's why pajama pants are a good idea!! Ha!

"You mean even when I get to be a big boy, I'm supposed to
LEAVE that wet thing ON?!"
Gabriel at 8 1/2 Months (Winter 2008)

Atticus has been sporting a Donald Trump/mo-hawk hairstyle lately, which only Atticus can pull off. I mean, just look at that face.

Atticus at 7 Months (Spring 2009)

Next time "Snips, Snails & Pretty Pigtails" will be up-to-date...I promise.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Disappearance

Okay. I know.

I know!


Well, you see. It's difficult to post to a blog when one's computer up and crashes. And practically every single photo you've taken over the past--I don't know--three years (give or take) is stored on said computer (with NO--I repeat--NO back-ups anywhere!!). *Sigh* Foolish, isn't it? Don't worry, the crash prompted a necessary purchase of an external hard drive. Lesson learned.

And then.

Well, THEN...Paul got all smarty-pants on me and remembered--after 5 days of NOinternet--that we had an old laptop (duh!). Conveniently, he remembered this WHILE I was gone to Hamburg with the kids and AFTER I had spent all week having to go to the library to pay bills online and never even knowing what the temperature was outside! Because I apparently am so attached to my computer that I am unaware that there is such a thing as The Weather Channel or, hey, a thermostat, of all things! Ha!

Anyway, by the time I got home, of course, THAT computer was good and virus-ridden (since it had no protective services installed on it--on account of it being an OLD computer). Argh. So now after TWO (TWO? THREE? I don't know. I've lost track of time.) very LOOOONG weeks of trying to rid the silly thing of all its woes, here we are. The preferred computer is still in the "shop" having its guts surgically removed. But God in His mercy did not allow our photos to be lost! Whew! And I've now got this old "geezer" up and running...but with NO printer (i.e. NO scanner). Not sure HOW to get any pictures posted. Give me a minute so I can figure out what to do, because I do SO want to participate in a walk-down-memory-lane-type blog carnival going on TOday AND because, of course, YOU. WANT. PICTURES.

I hear ya.
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