Monday, February 27, 2012

Counting Through February (160-174)

#160  A Gift of Tin

#161  A Gift of Glass 

#162  A Gift of Wood 


Three Gifts Before 11 am:

#163  Being awake to see my man before he leaves for work

#164  Littlest cuddle-bug in my bed

#165  Chores that help a mommy


#166  A Gift Nearly Worn Out
Well-loved, well-worn, dependable Silkie

#167  A Gift New
Bag full of new, amazing cleaning tools

#168  A Gift Made-Do 
Still works, however make-shift and ugly


Three Gifts Seen as Reflections

#169  My Mamaw's sister, a love of mine all her own, but family resemblance graciously recalls my Mamaw's face and warms my heart ever more.

#170  "Tree of Life" film, a reflection of the unsurpassed beauty of creation and the awestruck wonder of the Creator Himself. "Where were you when I laid the earth's foundation?..." Job 38: 4-6

#171  My little one with his pointed eyebrows and dancing eyes, mimicking his Nana both without and within.


Three Ugly-Beautiful Gifts (See Beauty in Ugly)

#172  Grassy dirt on the floor, evidence of four kids spending an afternoon together in the beautiful weather outdoors.

#173  The boy, who seemingly hides behind the hoodie against this mother's wishes, has the confidence to be unconventional.

#174  When the daughter starts her day distraught and sobbing over a lost item, we are given the opportunity to talk about the unimportance of possessions, being content in the Lord.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Project 365: Weeks 7 & 8 "crazy busy"

Sunday, February 12, 2012

We had lunch...and so much fun...with friends after church today.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Gabriel made one magnificent structure of his own design in quiet solitude. What a pleasant surprise to find him creating by choice. Maybe I'll get an architect out of the bunch after all!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vacationing in Colorado: Part 2

If you're just joining us, I'm "flashing back" to September when our family took a vacation to Durango, Colorado. "Part 1" of our adventures is here.

And now for "Part 2":

Day 5

This morning Noah and Paul did a little more hunting. But this time there was an accident. Noah got swatted in the eye with a tree branch as it sprung back into place after his Daddy had walked past it. Having been through the whole eye-scratch thing before, we weren't TOO worried, but we decided to take him to a doctor in case there were any particles left in there that might cause infection.
It's always an adventure with us Davidsons.

We then had a fun breakfast at a local diner.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Counting Through February (154-159)

Three Gifts White




Three Gifts That Changed Today:

#157  Book that has my anti-reader choosing to read.

#158  Preschooler almost lasted through one entire educational video.

#159  Somebody's sudden awareness that he's big enough to do certain things all by himself.

All gifts.

Counting on...

See why.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Counting Through February (142-153)

Three Gifts Found Giving/Serving:

#142 Sweetness in a girl's "heart" for her daddy

#143 Precious joy from the offer to help with a spill

#144  Sense of awe being amidst lovers of Christ pouring out practical helps, nourishment, smiles, conversation to those in need of all.


Three Gifts on Paper:





Three Gifts That Were 'Plan B's':

#148 Finding a cheaper, prettier, longer-lasting tree at a local grocery store this year rather than cutting it ourselves, though it was our 'Plan A' to do so...

#149 Relenting to finally list our home with an agent/good friend after trying FSBO and loving being connected with her more.

#150  Spontaneously stopping to see historical beauty, to take it all in for several hours we hadn't planned on...


#151  A Gift at Breakfast:  Soaked oatmeal waiting to nourish and warm us.

#152  A Gift at Lunch:  On this day...Daddy being home. So rare. So needed. So wonderful.

#153  A Gift at Dinner: Losing Tooth #3...a momentous occasion.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Vacationing in Colorado: Part 1

Today is Flashback Friday, so I'm going to share our Colorado trip from back in September.

Day 1: When are We Gonna Leave?

We were so unprepared for this trip. I mean, we knew it was coming up and all, but somehow we were in some kind of strange denial, I guess. For one thing, I had been utterly consumed with our new homeschool curriculum and with trying to get the school year started. So I'll admit--I didn't have much done toward getting us on the road when the time came. "Day 1" was mostly spent packing and cleaning. Which meant we got started waaaay later than we would have liked, but things turned out fine anyway. We drove as far as we could, stopping for dinner at a little diner somewhere along Route 66, where we sang "Happy Birthday" to Daddy. This makes two birthdays now he's had while ON our family vacation. We did manage to find a very, very nice hotel (because it was brand new) where we carried in a sleeping Atticus and his three siblings who crashed within seconds of hitting the bed!

Day 2: The Drive

Starting off so late on "Day 1" meant we'd have much, much more driving to do yet. Here are some scenes from the car during today's looooooooooong drive.

Not much on I-40 is interesting to see, but the wind turbines were definitely a favorite.

We got to our cabin (free to us except for our water usage) quite late, so we were all exhausted, which is probably why our initial reactions to the cabin were less than ecstatic. I guess I was expecting cleaner and nicer and had, by this time, quite forgotten that it was a men's hunting cabin. :) The kids--the poor things--were crazy overwhelmed with their very unfamiliar surroundings, in general. (Remember, it was a hunting cabin...) None of them wanted to go sleep in a bedroom...all by themselves. Everyone wanted to stay WITH (and right on top of) Mommy and Daddy. So, Paul built a much-needed fire in the stove, and we ALL bedded down on the very large sectional surrounding the stove. As little sleep as I probably got, this was actually my favorite night. It was just nice having everyone all cozied up together.

Day 3: A Day of Rest & Exploration

This morning a "daddy deer" stopped by to say hello. But I missed getting a good shot of him, because I didn't even have time to unpack the camera! See? Off he goes! (By the way, a friend lent me her Nikon D90 for the trip, because if you'll remember my camera was in the shop for repairs at the time. How amazing is that?!)

We had a simple breakfast. But not before someone picked some pretty wildflowers for the table.

And THEN I got out the camera.

The boys had a ball exploring. And I............I...tried not to think about snakes.

It was hard.

And glamour girl here posed for her mama.

Then Paul built the boys a campfire and let them help.

Later that evening, we hit the town of Durango for some dinner.

And, apparently, to pick the street flowers. *gasp!*

Day 4: We're in Durango, Y'all

I caught the three younger children playing "Little House" up in the loft, which is exactly what I would have done with such a play space at their age!

They were having so much fun, they didn't even notice the absence of Daddy and Noah, who had gone out hunting.

This is a picture of some of our surroundings as we're coming down from the cabin's mountaintop.

For dinner tonight we ate at Steamworks Brewing Company, as recommended by the New York Times. Food was just so-so. (I've always wondered what kind of people actually DO those reviews for publications.) Our favorite part about this place?? Gabe LOVED getting to draw with chalk on the floors!

Atticus joined in, too!

Then after dinner, we stopped off to see a Wild West Gunfight. It started in the saloon, of course.

And then they took it to the street.

Then we browsed some of the quaint shops along the streets of Durango. Including one very tempting candy shop. Yes, we succumbed. At least some of us did. I was on that very fun three-month sugar fast, you may remember.

Stay tuned next week for the rest of the vacation story...

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