Monday, April 23, 2012

Counting...Ever Counting (315-338)

#315  A Gift in a Bag: 

Cool bag given to me by a student who visited The Philippines--zips up compactly and fits inside my purse. I use it all the time!

#316  A Gift in a Box

#317  A Gift in a Book

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Project 365: Week 16 "around the house"

Sunday, April 15, 2012

If you'll remember, last week I left you hanging, wondering what in the world our neighbor wanted to give us out of the back of his truck...

Well, it was delivered today and we put it together. Can you guess yet? (See last picture if you're still not sure.)

While we did that, Atticus played in the dirt. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Counting...Ever Counting (300-314)

Three Gifts Opened Up:

#300  The tomb did not STAY closed. He is risen! He is risen, indeed!

#301  A boy's heart poured out to his mommy, window to a soul, precious, needed gift.

#302  A hero for a hero


Three Gifts Budding/Blooming:

#303  Pinkness in the backyard.

#304  A reminder of childhood.

#305  Something that leaves me speechless...


Three Gifts Worn:

#306  Little boys' earphones.

#307  Easter bonnet

#308  Favorite-color shoes.


Three Gifts Bright:

#309  All the things surrounding children.

#310  Birthday boy's face lighting up at the sound of his Mimi's voice.

#311  Smart, little, developing mind.


Three Gifts Found Looking Up:




Here's why I count.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rhea Lana is Right For Me

Top Ten Reasons Rhea Lana is Right For Me:

10. I can do one night of shopping (twice per year) and knock it all out at once!

Surely, this goes without saying, but I'd much rather spend time with my kids WEARING their clothes than going from store to store over the course of several days (months?) shopping FOR those clothes.

9. Rhea Lana makes having a daughter affordable.

I have purchased all kinds of boutique-brand dresses, including gorgeous smocked dresses valued at $40-60 and upwards for $11-20 each! That makes it possible for me to outfit her in the clothes that delight her for prices that delight her daddy.

8. There are many new or like new items for great deals!

I purchased some boys' saddle shoes (Willits) three or four consignment events ago--several sizes too big for my son. But I knew their value ($45 shoes) and knew he'd eventually grow into them. They looked like they had MAYBE been tried on. I got them for $8. And he wore them this Easter. Score!

7. It's a one-stop shop. 

If you're expecting or know someone who is, you can purchase maternity clothing, baby gear/gifts, books for your own school-aged children, family movies, toddler toys, outdoor equipment (bikes, etc.), and all your crew's clothing and shoe needs. All at once. You can use the rest of the days of the year to umm...relax. :)

6. Consign to clean the house.

Clear out your own closets. Declutter. And make a little money at the same time! You'll thank me later. BONUS: Consigners get special passes, which allow them to shop the sale earlier. WORTH IT.

5. We ruin clothes.

I like knowing that on-average, I haven't spent more than three or four dollars per item on my children, because sometimes it just takes one tomato-sauce-laden meal or one afternoon playing in a muddy creek to wildly destroy a piece of clothing. Rhea Lana helps me to relax about the potential inevitable loss of clothing.

4. It supports local economy, instead of large corporations.

Any money you spend on consigned items goes directly back to the local moms in your own community and to funding more consignment events. Shopping at Rhea Lana and, especially, consigning with Rhea Lana are ways to give back to the community, too, as people of all socio-economic backgrounds can afford to shop at Rhea Lana. That's good for us all. And I'm happy knowing my money is staying right here!

3. Restoring/reusing/recycling is responsible.

I love to live out this philosophy, as opposed to the more consumer-driven, must-have-the-latest-greatest-newest "whatever" way our society typically embraces. It just makes so much more sense to keep using perfectly good items others no longer need, rather than to keep buying more, more, more, which is so incredibly wasteful. I especially love teaching my kids to think this way.

2. Helloooooo...clothes cost moo-lah!

The cost of clothing adds up...real fast. You can get so much more bang for your buck at Rhea Lana. Take it from me!

1. I have a "few" kids...

Yes. There are four...count 'em four. With this many little people to clothe, one has to be a bit more practical financially, ya know?! I'm not going to be running in Strasburg any time soon. But I just may be purchasing a Strasburg dress on consignment for a FRACTION of the cost! Mwahahaha!!
Rhea Lana makes me a superwoman!!

Arkansas' biggest Rhea Lana event is happening right now!! I hope to see you all at the Rhea Lana of Greater Little Rock Sale starting this Sunday!!!!

P.S.  Go here, here, here, here, and here to see some of my successes at Rhea Lana.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Counting...Ever Counting (273-299)

Three Gifts Round:

#273 Amazing architecture lasting.

#274  Childhood delight.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Project 365: Weeks 13 & 14 "it's spring!"

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It was so nice out, we took a walk to the playground late this afternoon.

Saylor, for some reason, enjoys riding Gabe's bike instead of her own sometimes. She was struggling up this hill.

Atticus (aka, The Superhero) immediately offered a solution.


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