Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Blog Post I Never Thought I'd Write

Hope that title didn't freak anybody out. It's just that, well, I never did.

MY expectations were that a) we would FINALLY sell our beautiful home in the Villages of Wellington (which we did in May of 2013), b) we would buy some land (we didn't--long story), and c) right about now, we would be in our custom-built, just-the-way-I-wanted-it home on our lovely land, off-the-grid, with a cow and some chickens and ducks milling about and me wearing a vintage apron and canning homegrown vegetables. We were MADE to be homesteaders!  ::sigh::

God had other ideas.

Instead of life in the country, He has for us............life in the city of Dallas.


Uh........BIG. Difference.

This Arkansas-born-and-bred gal is actually moving to Texas, of all places. 

Paul got a job there, so here we go. We leave behind our two Arkansas hometowns (small as all get-out), our extended Arkansas families, our beloved college where we met, and all the wonderful friends we made (who have BECOME our family) here in Little Rock where we've lived for the last seventeen years. 

Not until now did I realize just how deeply I had planted my "roots."

Understandably, I am quite apprehensive, and my heart is heavy because I love so many people here. In fact, a giant CHUNK of my heart will be left behind! But I'm also a little excited to see what all the Lord has in store for us. Besides, I'm ready to be reunited with my man. He's been working there during the week for two and a half months now, only coming home on the weekends! And let me just tell you, raising four kids alone isn't at all natural. Or lovely. Or desirous.

So despite not having found a home YET in the DFW area, we gave our (flexible) 30-day notice yesterday to the company that manages the rental home we are currently in. 

Which means the clock is now officially ticking.           !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If anyone needs me, I'll be elbow-deep in boxes and bubble wrap.

The kids on their first trip to visit Dallas, enjoying their first-ever game of mini-golf

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Winter 2013

I left off with my rewind posts around the holidays of 2012. (This sad excuse for a blog is depressing, I know.) So I'm picking up with the winter of 2013. Let's breeze through right quick!

We started the new year with a plan: to prepare our house to sell...once again!! DEEP BREATH........

We spent lots of time clearing stuff out, organizing, and shopping for household items to help us "stage" our home a little better this time around. Certainly, some of our candid photos reflect that. And we had some heavy duty remodeling done, as well.

Good riddance, shiny black granite tiles! I have never loved you.

Early February, we actually moved OUT of our house, while we got it ready to sell. (We were refinishing the front door, painting most of the interior, refinishing our huge retaining wall, blah, blah, blah. It just wasn't conducive for actual LIVING.) And I highly recommend doing so, if you can swing it financially. We were blessed to be able to stay in the guest house where our good friends, The Rackleys, had just been staying while on furlough. For THREE WHOLE MONTHS we stayed. I'll admit, though, I was swamped with getting us moved and trying to do school remotely with just a little of what we own. Who knows where my camera was? I often had to snag a mere iPhone photo--when I remembered to get IT out! Pitiful, I know. It was just craaaaay-zaaaaay. But while we were definitely busy, we also did regular ol' Davidson stuff.

Like play. (still in our own home)

And school. (Yep, still in our own home...prepping this room for staging DURING class time, 'cause I'm amazing that way.)

Ballet. (Isn't she lovely?)

And Scouts.

Our last-minute (as in, we made it the night before) Pinewood Derby car creation ended up winning second place overall!! What in the world?!

We took a couple of family outings to see the Bisons play basketball--and Cousin Claire play in the band.

We had a special Valentine's Day luncheon. At Old Mill. Yum!

Uh. And in case you didn't know, when you are remodeling and packing and perfecting your home for numerous onlookers, you eat out a lot. Sad, but true. So...

We ALSO had a special Valentine's Day dinner. At Larry's Pizza. And the kiddos opened their luv cards from their grandparents, which is always fun.

Stay tuned for our spring activities and final pics of our house at its most spectacular.

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