Friday, September 18, 2009

Flashback Friday: Fourth Pregnancy

Yesterday, a friend posted a pregnancy picture on her blog and mentioned something about having "swallowed a watermelon." And though I love her dearly, I just simply MUST beg to differ.



If THAT'S a watermelon, then what,

pray tell,



or this??????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I promise you! Her belly (at 17 days
left) looks like mine did at like 13 weeks in!! What is the dealio?!? By the way, it was no accident that my puffy cheeks and pregnant nose are absent from these shots. As author of this blog, that is conveniently my prerogative. (He he) My friend cut her head out of her photos, too, but I have no doubt it is as skinny and perfect as ever. She was probably just trying to make me feel a little less shame somehow.

This "Flashback Friday" I'm remembering just how HUGE of a watermelon it seemed I had swallowed...

back when I had..........

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness!!!! It's not a watermelon. It might be a whole patch of watermelons. I know you are tiny, but you have got to be kidding. I saw you pregnant and didn't think you looked anywhere that big. But goodness me, bless your heart is all I can say...

  2. Wow...that belly is something else. :) And I was thinking the same thing you wrote when I read her blog...little cutie Mer...makes me think of that time I felt guilty for being pregnant (HUGE at 5 months or so) in front of her, when come to find out she was MUCH further along than I was...yikes, make me NOT want to get pregnant just thinking about it :0

  3. ok...can i just put you girls in my pocket for a little while!!!! how kind you are - but let me assure you - as i am hoisting myself out of bed 3 & 4 times a night and hobbling to the restroom like an old woman...i feel anything but tiny!!!!!!
    oh how i wish we could all get together again! sometime soon for sure!
    lori, we really can't wait for our visit...whenever that may be!!!!

    love ya,

  4. This made me laugh really hard. Lori you win by a long shot. I agree, mere looks now like what I did at 12 weeks!!!


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