Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Snips, Snails, & Pretty Pigtails: Saylor, part 2

One thing about Saylor you may have noticed is that she has some LOOOOOOOOONG hair. Yes, she does.

Right now her hair reaches all the way to her waist. It's never actually been cut. I mean, I've trimmed it many times, but never more than an inch or two at a time. No reason really. Just haven't. Don't think for a second I haven't been tempted to do it. As a matter of fact, I'm currently IN a state of temptation, and I may just have to succumb this time. Because, honestly, long hair like that is a lot of work. And when it's thin and fine, like ALL my children's hair, well then, it's even worse. Tangles hurt, y'all!! She's also been growing out her bangs for almost a year now. For those of you who have ever done that, you know how F.U.N. that is! Most of the time we can't even SEE
Saylor under all that hair in her face.

(I guess she fits right in with brother Noah and brother Gabriel. Right?)

Oh, glory, how glad I'll be when it just naturally does THIS all the time!!

The other day we were looking at pictures of Saylor as a baby and marveling at how much she has changed (and, at the same time, how much she has stayed the same). Always delicate, always dainty, always a lover of beauty. I have yet to meet a girl with quite so MUCH girliness as Saylor. She loves to flit and twirl and put her babies to bed and eat cake and wear dresses and go shopping and go to parties and dance and sing and go to church. She loves classical music and worship songs. She loves babies and getting them to smile at her. There's really not a whole lot she doesn't like, except blueberries and salad...oh, and being pestered. Ha!

Our baby girl has grown so much it is unbelievable to me. In less than a month, she will be FIVE years old and that. just. astounds me. When did she stop being
THIS cutie pie?!

Oh, she's still cute alright. Cute and delicate and girly. But Saylor is also the toughest little girl ever. Tough when she gets hurt, that is. Her tolerance for pain is truly astounding. Believe me when I tell you, she gets that from her father! I'll never forget the time when she was a toddler and she stepped on a thumbtack. It went all the way into her foot so that it was flush with the bottom of her foot! That poor child WALKED! down the hallway to me and was barely whimpering--but definitely limping or I wouldn't have known what was wrong with her. And when I pulled that tack out...Boy! it gushed blood. Oh, she cried then. But literally only for like 20-30 seconds. Got a band-aid on it, and she was just fine, even though that spot was bruised and visibly sore for quite a while. And you should see her with shots! Even as a baby, she would rarely cry. Crazy!

Our tough little girl even already knows what she wants to be when she grows up. Any guesses?

Easy..............a mommy.

She's so cute when she helps me in the kitchen because she'll be stirring something and I'll compliment her work and she'll gasp and say, "I'm almost a mommy!" One thing she loves to do is help with Baby Atticus. It's VERY good "mommy" practice, wouldn't you say?

Yep. You're going to make a good one, Saylor.

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  1. Annie was doing a coloring of Saylor and her, and she made her hair short and red, and Saylor's yellow and long! haha :)


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