Friday, July 9, 2010

Doing Battle

Noah is, in a word, a challenge to photograph. There are very few pictures of him at all. He goes off and does his own thing. (He's a very busy boy.) Or he zooms ahead of us when we're going somewhere. Full of energy and fairly easily-distracted, he's almost always on a bike or a scooter or just plain on the move! In fact, I often have to sneak up on him. But then, of course, there's no smile.

And besides, he's usually in no mood for this sort of interruption.

Ironically, as much as he demands attention, he can get really mad when you actually give it to him!

He avoids the camera. Always has.

The few photos I have, I've used already. Sometimes more than once! I'm not sure if he's just camera shy or simply doesn't want to comply. (Or a little of both).

He puts up quite a fight at times.

But what he's still yet to learn is.........

Mommy always wins.

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