Saturday, February 4, 2012

Counting Out Loud (#88-99)

Three Old Things Seen New:

#88 Beloved old favorite, loving once more

#89 Bedside gift-book I used to enjoy as a child at Mamaw' meaning as I learn more about joy through thanksgiving

#90 From one another...


A Gift Found on a Paper:
Memento of a younger, smaller boy's heart, something to ground a weary mommy

A Gift Found in a Person:
The way he loves them...and the way they think he hung the moon

A Gift Found in a Picture


A Gift at 11:30 
Littles working side-by-side

A Gift at 2:30 
Reading aloud a favorite--Farmer Boy

A Gift at 6:30
A favorite for dinner


Three Things Overheard Today...All Gifts:

#97  "Have a nice day!" expressed from little pretending-gatekeeper to little rider passing through

#98 The youngest among us laughing contagious on a video played over and over and over

#99  Brothers giggling together

Go here to see why I'm counting my God-given gifts.

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