Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Counting Through February (142-153)

Three Gifts Found Giving/Serving:

#142 Sweetness in a girl's "heart" for her daddy

#143 Precious joy from the offer to help with a spill

#144  Sense of awe being amidst lovers of Christ pouring out practical helps, nourishment, smiles, conversation to those in need of all.


Three Gifts on Paper:





Three Gifts That Were 'Plan B's':

#148 Finding a cheaper, prettier, longer-lasting tree at a local grocery store this year rather than cutting it ourselves, though it was our 'Plan A' to do so...

#149 Relenting to finally list our home with an agent/good friend after trying FSBO and loving being connected with her more.

#150  Spontaneously stopping to see historical beauty, to take it all in for several hours we hadn't planned on...


#151  A Gift at Breakfast:  Soaked oatmeal waiting to nourish and warm us.

#152  A Gift at Lunch:  On this day...Daddy being home. So rare. So needed. So wonderful.

#153  A Gift at Dinner: Losing Tooth #3...a momentous occasion.

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