Thursday, February 16, 2012

Counting Through February (133-141)

Three Ways I Feel the Love of God:

#133  The security and confidence in God I feel, when my husband humbly, faithfully 
leads us in prayer...

#134  The hope of sanctification I have when God teaches me the same truth in several 
very different areas of my life, simultaneously...

#135  The joy of praying in small groups with godly women...


#136  A Gift in Losing Something:

 Precious pink "Silkie" lost by this same girl's five-year-old version--lost so long 
that the thumb was forgotten

#137 Finding Something:

Same beloved "Silkie" found much later and serving as a memento of a sweet, soft moment in time

#138 Making Something:

Colorful fabrics...colorful boys...coloring their world


Three Gifts in Shadows:




Go here to see why I'm counting my God-given gifts...

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