Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our Lil' Punkins

Well, we went to the "Crazy Patch" today. It was our first time to visit this particular pumpkin patch. Assuming it would be the same basic setup as our usual "picking grounds," we were a bit unprepared for what we would experience.

Without going into all of it, I'll just say that there were TONS of people there, so it was no easy feat to keep up with all of our crew, especially with so many fun kid things to do. Children were running everywhere and in all directions; they had hay bale tunnels, playground equipment, a massive sand box, and lots of farm animals. The whole thing made this mommy more than a little stressed. I am, however, thankful for the experience for our little ones. We all loved seeing (and hearing) the calves, goats, geese, chickens and the pony. In fact, Noah spent nearly the entire time feeding grass to the animals. That boy!

Then, we actually attempted a photograph. Ha! We should have known the odds of getting a good picture of every one at once would be slim to none. We ended up with these two. At the very least, I'm glad we were able to go before the weather turns too cold, that the children got to play on a real farm, that we found a gigantic pumpkin for our doorstep, that we made it home with the same four children we started out with, and that it is now over. Whew!


  1. Look how much they've grown in a year! Esp. Atticus.

  2. 5) awww! I love the overalls! I actually miss my maternity ones and am really wishing I had some non-maternity. In style or not.

  3. They REALLY have grown so much this year. And I had forgotten how much I loved wearing overalls when I was pregnant with Finn. Those were the days. I wouldn't have even fit in overalls with the next two. Not even with all the side buttons undone. There's so much to do at that pumpkin patch it leaves me feeling very unstressed because the kids are so occupied. Try it again now that you don't have a newborn! :)


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