Saturday, January 24, 2009

Snips, Snails & Pretty a little different format

So...wanna know how we're faring with this house full of sick li'luns? Well, let's just say it's been a long week, no, two weeks, NO! THREE WEEKS! That's right, people. This household has been dealing with illness since January 2, 2009, to be exact. :) Here's the latest, for those of you who have been keeping score.

Noah just got well. I mean, JUST. No more nose-blowing or coughing. Praise the Lord! And I don't (EVER) just SAY that. Noah and I have been praying HARD! It is nothing short of a miracle that his nose is dry. He went through an entire box of Kleenex in one day all by himself! And I wouldn't let him waste them: he had to bring the tissues to me so that I could make sure he blew his nose effectively. Let me tell you, it was G-R-O-S-S, just the sheer amount! Since then he's been spending his free time playing the Wii (thanks, Nana & Poppy!) and...get this...running laps IN our house while holding Paul's pedometer. haha! He gets such a big kick out of seeing how many steps he's taken. Isn't that funny? Too bad adults aren't as enthusiastic about that!

Saylor--that resilient little thing--has remained the healthiest of the bunch. There were several days in there of nose blowing (have you any idea of just how cute her tiny little nose is??) and coughing (but really only after running around or dancing...haha). But God was merciful and sustained her health throughout most of our nightmare. She has driven us--the really sick ones--ever so slightly crazy with her chipper, constantly high-pitch-singing self! I know on more than one occasion I--in a sleep-deprived stupor--rolled over on the couch where I held not one, but two babies, to see Saylor in all her glory dressed in a tee-shirt, no pants, a pink boa, giraffe rain boots, and an Aristocats cap playing like there was no tomorrow. WHERE did she get that energy?? No comment on her fashion sense...

And, oh, my little Gabriel! It wasn't until Tuesday of this week that I started noticing more smiles and fewer tantrums. You know what I think was wrong and what finally made the difference? He just wouldn't eat or drink. He felt so bad, but he refused nourishment, so he couldn't get better. We had to force things down him. He would cry and fight at first, but he almost always came around to whatever it was. (Out of desperation, we had even resorted to yogurt and baby food.) And that's how we fed him--for days! Once we were able to get him to partake, we started adding FAT to everything. Butter, cream cheese, mayo, Pediasure, cheese, avocado, ice cream, nuts, creamed soups, you name it! It paid off, too! He gained two whole pounds in about 8-9 days. He is MUCH more himself, thank goodness. He's enjoying watching Noah run with the pedometer and waits with bated breath for Daddy to come home each day.

Wee little Atticus started coughing about a week and a half ago. Just coughing. Feeling fine. No fever. But coughing--mostly all through the night. Yay for me! Since he had been coughing for a full week, I took him to get his ears checked on Wednesday. Sure enough, he had an ear infection. But he was also diagnosed with RSV. You heard me right. I almost fell out laughing right there in the doctor's office; I wanted to scream, "You have GOT to be kidding me!" My friend Jenny said it best when she said, "This is bordering on ridiculous, isn't it?" Ha! But, as usual, the quiet of the drive home (well, first to Walgreen's) helped me to see things more clearly.

  • Gabriel had checked out nice and healthy--no ear infections for him! That's good.
  • Noah and Saylor were now fine. That's good.
  • Antibiotics for the ear infection. No problem.
  • Mild case of RSV; already getting better on his own. Thank You, Lord Jesus.
  • Breathing treatment for the RSV. I think I can handle that. Yeah, I KNOW I can. After all, the Lord just brought us through a WHOLE lot worse, right?
And even when the pharmacist asked for $80.00 for Atticus' meds, I didn't totally freak out. I questioned it, that's for sure.

Did insurance pay ANYthing??
They did?!
Ummm...o-kay... (What can I do? I need this stuff for that sweet dumpling in the back. Of course I have to get it.)
Thank you. (The Lord will provide...)

And He did! Just that day Paul received attorney fees from his very own client (read "no firm overhead") for a matter he was able to settle with a couple of phone calls. Case closed. Easy money. Man, we needed that!

In the meantime, Atticus is growing so well, grabbing for toys, and had even slept all night (from 9:00p.m. to 8:30a.m.) the night before he started coughing. But now I know he can do it! When he gets all well, he'll start sleeping again. WE will start sleeping!!

So...we finally felt well enough to get out of the house for something fun last night. Larry's Pizza, here we come! Here are a few of the things you might have seen had you b
een with us:

Okay...I know this is a TERRIBLE shot (so don't magnify it because his eyes are scary!) but it was all I could get.

We LOOOOOOOVE pizza!!!

I think Gabe ate 3 HUGE slices PLUS some dessert pizza. He was loving every moment! Such a wonderful thing to see!!

Atticus had to miss out on the pizza and settle for Mommy's finger. A couple minutes later and he was sound asleep. Notice the blank stare?

Oh, yeah, and thanks to Nana and Poppy for my Coolpix. See how it's coming in handy? Fits in my diaper bag so nicely...and is bringing you all these wonderful moments from hair cuts to pizza eating. Love it!

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  1. Well, I am commenting now because my computer is behaving and pulled up your blog. So sorry you have all been so very sick. So glad you are all on the mend.


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