Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More About Cloth

One thing I learned within just a week or two of cloth diapering, is that I needed to figure out a better way to wipe. I still had a HUGE container of disposable wipes I was using on Gabe, but it was SUCH a hassle to wipe, then take the wipes to the trash can, then stop by the toilet (to dump the diaper contents), and then go back to the diaper pail. Annoying, really. So I decided to try using washcloths. I had these great cloths from Ikea (since Noah was a baby), so I tried those, but I had to go to the sink first to get them good and wet, and then I felt like I was just rinsing and not really cleaning him. And besides that, they were terry cloth and quite scratchy after so many washes. So then I bought some diaper flannel, prewashed it, cut out some squares, and then surged the edges. The wipes I made, however, were only so-so. They too got real scratchy after several washes, but were serving the purpose.

And then I just so happened to have placed an order with Cotton Babies in which one of the items I had ordered was out-of-stock in a particular color, so they sent me a different color but threw in a package of cloth wipes as an apology gift. (I highly recommend them. Their customer service is great, and they ship items practically immediately.) What?! I didn't even know they HAD cloth wipes!! (See how stuck on myself I can be sometimes? Thinking I had come up with a brand-new concept! Ha!) Well, I fell in love with the things. I ended up ordering another package (after all, I have TWO babies in diapers).

Anyway, the wipes are truly great. It's so easy to just throw them right in the diaper pail along with the diaper. AND they work MUCH better than disposables, in my opinion. They are a soft, brushed-type flannel, so they "pick up" messes better. I was reading here that you can use flannel receiving blankets to make your own, and I actually think that might work! That flannel is always really soft, even after it's been washed time and time again. But goodness, if you don't have time (or energy) for such projects, do yourself a favor and spend the $12/dozen and be done with it. (Remember, you'll be re-using them!) I recommend two to three dozen.

I also researched some recipes for homemade diaper wipe solutions. I picked a simple one and have stuck with it all this time. And I adore my wipe solution. I recently posted the recipe here.

The other thing that works for me? Flushable liners. Yes, ma'am. While they are not 100% effective 100% of the time at trapping 100% of the poo, they most definitely make a difference! Trust me. They are especially handy if you are using prefolds with a cover because prefolds tend to grab and hold stuff, so without a liner you'll be doing some scraping (or dunking, for those of you who dunk).

Prefold diaper folded in thirds and placed in cover; liner placed flat on top.

I recently saw on
Little Lions that there are cloth liners as well, which you may think sort of defeats the purpose. But really, you're just looking for a layer of something that protects your diapers from staining and that is easy to "de-poo." Some fabrics do better at that than others. For instance, things usually slide right off the suede cloth lining of my One-Size Bumgenius diapers. But then again, the flushable liners also help to keep them as white as possible. I may try a few of those cloth liners just to see. Maybe it'll save me a little money, but at $8.00 for 100 liners, the flushable ones aren't THAT expensive, especially if you don't use them at every single diaper change. (And I'm on the Cotton Babies email list, so I get notified when they're offering free shipping. I only buy liners when I'm getting free shipping somehow.) I usually have a pretty good idea of when to put one in so as to make my life a tad bit easier. By the way, these will do you no good unless your baby has begun solids. Exclusively breastfed babies have poo that is water-soluble and, therefore, nothing at all is required except regular laundering. (Yay!) But later, oh later, you. will. thank. me.

One-size Bumgenius 3.0 diaper with liner on top

Simply lay the liner flat on top of the opened diaper, allowing the edges to overlap the edges of the diaper. (Do not attempt to contour the liner to the shape of the diaper. This will encourage "bunching" once on.) Don't worry. The liner is not absorbent, so it won't hurt anything to have liner coming out of the diaper's elastic.

Okay. Now go flush with a smile on your face!!

And you'll find other things that "work" at We Are THAT Family.


  1. YAY for diaper liners!!!!! To keep from touching too much poo, I put them in a little basket when I change the diaper, then my son and I say "poopies go in the potty" and (just touching the basket now) we go flush the poop in the potty.

  2. de poo! ha
    I got some flannel wipes ($9 for 12) from little lions and they threw in 3 nicer velour ones ($10 for 12) b/c they were out of the green stitched ones I requested and had to send pink (I told them this was baby #5, pink was fine). The flannel ones got all cattywompus when I washed them, but I guess that doesn't really matter. They may straighten up when wet, I don't know yet.
    And I agree, Cotton Babies has fabulous customer service. Have you seen the new flip and econodipes?

  3. AH!!! I am so glad you mentioned the flushable liners. I was really dreading that part of diapering when Heidi got bigger. Now, no dread. Now, she needs to grow so we can get to the cloth. :)

  4. Kimberly, try the teensy (after a wash) cotton pre-folds (not premium) diapers that Wal-mart sells. They make great newborn diapers, dry quckly and can be used later for diaper doubling for nighttime wetting.

    Lori, your peri bottle and cloth wipes look oddly familiar, but my background needs a little work. I also started wipes with this baby--and was given those lovely flannel cloths as a gift. But you know what happened today? Nadia identifies them as "hers," I guess because she brought one to me (from the sofa mountain) with her chosen pantry snack. She wanted it to be her placemat! We haven't designated a placemat for her yet because she's still highchair-bound during meals. I internally went "ick" but I really do trust my baking-soda-vinegar-no-bleach cleaning methods.


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