Thursday, January 14, 2010

What She Is To Me

...someone who's actually busier than I am. I mean, while I'm busy busy running from child to child and back to child again, at least I'm home in my pajamas fashionable sweats instead of going some place every day. (I couldn't survive that.) She's always got the energy for it, though!! Amazing.

...someone who thinks I'm funny, even when I'm not. (I prefer to think she's laughing with me, not at me.)

...someone who's always willing to help others. I can't TELL you how many times she's taken care of me: bringing a meal or just a treat, lending us clothes, tricycles, bikes, or movies, taking some (even ALL!!) of my children so I could have a "breather" or go to a function I wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

...someone who thinks of me. I always appreciate a call from her (remember how busy she is?) just to check up on me. To see how I am doing.

...someone who prays for me. I covet prayers. I NEED them. And I know she cares enough about me to remember me in prayer. That's not something you can say about just anyone.

...someone who can hold her own when it comes to my husband and his constant teasing, pestering, and trash talking. (They are worthy ping pong adversaries, those two.)

...someone who understands me and my quirks. And still claims to like me!!

...someone who I genuinely miss when she (and her family) can't make it to one of my kids' birthday parties, when between all our eight children we can't seem to get everyone well enough at one time to get together (and this for months on end), and when she's right in the middle of volleyball season (which, it seems to me, must be the LOOOOONGest sports season of all!).

...someone I can safely say is the craziest person I've ever met. IF you consider the craziest people to be those who want to play GAMES 24/7! (She'll take any kind, y'all.)

...someone who keeps me smiling. Her charisma? Well, it's infectious is what it is. (And even if I don't have it in me sometimes to join her in all her shenanigans, I'm definitely always entertained!)

...someone who loves the Lord and wants to serve Him with her WHOLE life. She is truly an inspiration to me.

Happy Birthday, my sweet friend.

Happy Birthday, Krista. I love you!!

(It will be my goal this year to get a shot of you without something hiding your face. Ha!)


  1. She does have tons of crazy energy.
    She IS laughing AT you! (JK)
    She is a sweet friend who prayers (don't we all need that??)
    She not only loves games, but she HAS to win - will never forget her running past us at family camp with a baby on her hip!)
    I think she would make a super mother-in-law for my son, just sayin'.
    I also hope she has a terrific birthday!

  2. hey Lori, got your comment today. this is just my opinion, but I would finish off the set for your last 2. It was something your mom wanted each one to have and I would do it to honor her memory. I think when they get older, they will appreciate having them..even if the last ones came from you, the connection will be there. And also, I think it will become a very sweet memory for you.

  3. Hey, Sara! This just popped up on my Timehop, and I don’t know if you’ll remember what we were discussing here, but it had to do with completing a set of ornaments my mother-in-law had started for my kids before she died. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I took your advice. It took several years because one of the sets was so rare that the price of each ornament was ridiculous! I completed the last set two years ago with the most expensive one of the set (like $65!!). Good grief. But it feels so good to have it done. And those are some of their very favorite ornaments. The ones from Nana. Thanks for your input!!


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