Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In An Effort to Lighten Things Up

Alright. Did I depress or worry or panic or annoy anybody with that Easter post??!!

That was certainly NOT my intention, NOR the point of the post!!! Heather, Mere, and...MOM...I was NOT referring to anybody in particular!! Ha! Y'all are crazy. I PROMISE!! I was just going through all the ways I could think of that I've known people to feel hurt or rejected or disappointed or let down by others. (Obviously, there are many more ways.) And I just wanted to point out where our hope should lie. I hope I didn't scare anybody off.

So......... about we shift gears for a bit??

There's something I should have shared with you guys a very LONG while ago. It always gives me a good laugh. You simply MUST go HERE and follow Sara's links so that you too can be thoroughly entertained. (And then go see Sara's response. Thanks, Sara, for this little peek into your hilarious blog war. Cracks me up!!) And, oh, I promise you will NOT be disappointed!!!!

Then there's this. I can't tell you how it has made me cackle! But if you've never seen Star Wars (like my friend Krista...
ahem), then you might as well skip this one because you won't find it very funny.

Don't forget to pause the Playlist at the bottom of the screen (if I've got music playing today)!

What's that? Keep 'em coming? Alright. How about this one?

And now...a little something for those of us on

You can never get enough Tim Hawkins. That's what I always say.

Feel better?


  1. Thanks for the smiles!

    And no, the Easter blog was not too heavy. It was VERY well said. Lowell read it and said, "I think she might be reading the Bible." We loved it. You preach very well!

    But still, I'll try to call next time I'm in town just so I will KNOW for sure you aren't calling me out in your blog! :)

  2. Ahh, much better. Being your Mom, I thought you were pouring our YOUR heartfelt emotions and I was worried about all of that sadness in you....then I also became afraid that I might have driven up to LR and visited friends and family (but not you) while in an ambien induced state of amnesia and you must've seen or heard I was there...even if I didn't know I was there!! HaHaHa! Glad to see I wasn't the only one wondering what I had done. P.S. Thanks especially for baby panda sneezing. I watched it at least 4 times, laughing harder with each replay!

  3. you are so funny!!!

    I have to say that the "eyebrow war" was one of the funnest and funniest things I have ever done. We had a blast....even if we did get blown out of the water!!! :)

    LOVED your other clips!!

  4. Glad y'all liked these favorites of mine. :)


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