Saturday, April 3, 2010

There's Hope


It can't be about our accomplishments.

It can't.

Because no matter how many awards you may have hanging on your wall, you're the only one who sees or thinks about them. And even YOU have forgotten what they were all for.

No matter how high your degree or how many honors were bestowed upon you, God may have planned a quiet, non-ambitious lifestyle for you.

Because even when you do something really fabulous, sometimes the people who love you the most won't. even. notice.

Life can't be about the gifts and talents we've been given.

It can't.

Because sometimes no one wants you to share your gifts.
Sometimes it's necessary to let the untalented participate instead.
Sometimes people think you're a show-off because you're good at something.
Sometimes people think they're good at something, when they're not.
Some people never bother to use their gifts and talents.
Some gifts and talents only last so long before we are too old to use them.

Life can't be about the relationships we have here on earth.

It can't.

Because sometimes your friends or family members will come to town and not even call you. And you'll find out about it. And you will be deeply hurt that they didn't even want to see you.

And there will be times that no one will offer to help, when it is obvious you need it.

Sometimes you will pour your heart out to someone, and they'll forget it all by the next day.

Sometimes other people only want to talk about themselves and don't care that you're having a bad day, or month, or year.

Sometimes your spouse will forget you need to be somewhere by a certain time.

Sometimes your kids will defy you or say hurtful things to you.

Sometimes fellow church members will be insensitive and unfeeling.

People will disappoint and hurt you.
People will judge you and think of themselves as better than you.
People will say or do hurtful things and not even apologize.
People will ask for advice and then not take it.
People will give advice when you didn't ask for it.
People will forget your birthday while accepting a gift from YOU.
People will consider their own needs before yours.
People will talk behind your back.
People will notice all the bad things about your children but none of the wonderful things.
People will leave you out.

Our hope cannot rest in these things.

These can NOT be what life is all about.

Because if they WERE, life would be seriously crummy, would it not? Life would almost not be worth living. In fact, I KNOW it wouldn't.

Because we humans need hope. We need to know that there is a purpose to living that is greater than ourselves. We need to know that when everyone deserts us, we are not alone. That when others are mean, disagreeable, unwelcoming, or not understanding, there is One who loves us still.

Always and forever. Without question. Without reserve.


Enough to DIE.

Enough to BECOME all sin for all time. And to take the punishment that sin deserves.

And to look upon us even we speak cruelly to our children, think evil thoughts, tell lies, squander our financial blessings, disrespect our husbands, and spend our days being slothful and/or discontent......





That is amazing love.

That is hope.

And praise God! That is all we need.

Happy Easter, Everyone!!


  1. This is a great post Lori!!

  2. Good job my friend!

    (And uh, if you heard I was in town and didn't call you, I promise it wasn't because I didn't want to see you. I didn't see anybody!!!!! :(

    And of course, I know that particular line wasn't directed at me. Or was it...?)

  3. i second heather's comment...however, i DID call you and leave a message to see if ya'll wanted to go with us to the jump zone...and we didn't hear back from YOU!!!!!! just wanted to make sure you didn't think we hadn't tried to see you...

    and of course, you know your fab talents don't go unnoticed with me!!!!!! :)


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