Sunday, June 6, 2010

Project 365: Week 23

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The boys are enjoying the sprinkler one of them got as a birthday gift.

In other news, I scrapbooked with a friend today. Just for a few hours. Which means I got next to nothing done. But it was fun, and that's what counts.

Monday, May 31, 2010
Memorial Day

After spending the night in Conway with Poppy, we purely relaxed all day today. Didn't even cook!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My angel. Perhaps you've seen his artwork and his wood carvings. Well. He's obsessed with squirting out all my diaper wipe solution onto his carpet, bed, chair, whatever looks inviting. And it's driving me plumb crazy. He does have a good time, though. Until he gets caught. Another two empty bottles. Yay for me.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I did an obscene amount of laundry over the last couple of days. Obscene. I think it was time... What do you think?

And then we drove to my parents' house (two hours away). A lot goes on in the car, as you can imagine.

This is Atticus (well, at first it's my finger...) jabbering on the phone. I didn't get the first part of his "conversation," which was even more animated!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

All four children are staying with my parents. I'll give you a moment to get over the shock....

That's right. We are just a "couple" until Monday morning! So after a nice, quiet drive together, I am shopping with my hubby this afternoon. We stopped at Williams-Sonoma (drool) to use a $25 gift certificate we've been hoarding saving since CHRISTmas. $25 at Williams-Sonoma. We may be here a while...

In the meantime, Noah is riding his bike on a nice, flat circular driveway. No picture of Noah, but there's documentation that he had an audience.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Today I went to a women's retreat and heard from several very wise ladies about parenting, housekeeping, and leaving a legacy of prayer. So, so good. Timely even! Don't you wish you could just bottle up those kinds of events and use them any old time you feel like it? I enjoyed lunch with a couple of my "besties" and had a quiet drive home. Well, not quiet exactly. Some of the time I was blaring Chris Tomlin or "Highway Man." (Yeah, I'm a perplexing sort of gal musically...)

And then...I came home to this:

Man. It looks so much better than the nothingness that was there before!! I can't tell you how excited it makes me. All this and a date with Paulie tonight! Doesn't get much better than that.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today was my man's day. He had me all to himself. He could go where he wanted, eat what he wanted, stay out as late as he wanted. We slept late this morning and then got up and scouted for land until almost 3:00, at which time we decided to grab some lunch! (Can you imagine doing that with kids in the car?!) We shopped a little more and then came home and did some laborious housework. But it was nice. It's pretty hard to mop the hardwoods in our living room when children are present. Got that done and then took some pictures of our much-cleaner house...for selling purposes. Kinda made me wanna go out and celebrate...again. Which is exactly what we did! In the meantime, the children were making memories with Mimi and Da.

It's been a wonderful week/weekend. This week Lisa is hosting for Sara while she's away. I'm off to go fellowship with my church. Tomorrow morning I will be reuniting with four beautiful blessings...


  1. How great is that you guys got to be kid-free for a few days and get stuff done and do stuff for just yourselves. I'll bet your missing the kids just a bit though.

    My kids liked dumping things too lucky me. The best memory is when the oldest was drenching the youngest in baby powder and she thought it was hysterical.

  2. Yay for kids! When I hear people say they've never left their kids with anyone overnight I think, Really?!? I think it is SO important to get couple time and your kids look no worse for having had grandparent time. :)

    Love the diaper solution. Where do you find the Castile Soap? Wish I'd done cloth...not sure it would be a good investment since we only have a year of diapers left (Lord willing).

    So, did you find some possibilities for land?

  3. I know you enjoyed that time with the hubs!!!!

    One day your children will be old enough to actually leave them at home. I remember the first time we drove out of the driveway for a date and left the DD at home on her own...what a concept. We could have never done that with my oldest son, but he is out on his own now!

    Love Williams & Sonoma...

    Great week!

  4. Looks like a busy summer and the kids were having fun. That's great for kids.

  5. Summer... sprinklers...doesn't get much better than that!

    I love Williams-Sonoma that is a fabulous place!

  6. So very glad (and envious) that you got a weekend to yourselves! WOW!!
    How in the world do you only spend $25 at Williams- Sonoma?
    Love the kids in the rockers at Cracker Barell.
    That pile of laundry wasn't too bad for a family of your size.
    Have a super week!!

  7. Hope you enjoyed your weekend alone! How nice to be able to clean and have it stay that way! It looks like the kids were having a wonderful time!
    Hope you had a wonderful reunion with them!

  8. Yay for breaks! So essential. It really is good for the kids too... And gives mom a chance to regain some sanity and appreciation for the craziness. ;)

    Laundry, like junk-mail, is never-ending, huh?


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