Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday: The Armoire

This week I had had enough! Our armoire is home to all of our visual media. For years I've stored the kids' movies in the deep bottom drawers. Both VHS tapes and DVDs fit just right so that the titles could be read at a glance. It was perfect. 

Well, except for the fact that FOUR children means FOUR sets of little hands pilfering through the movies at any given time and usually at multiple times per day!! We were left with lots of movies out of their cases, lots of cases out of their drawers, and lots of general mess! 

It was making us parents a little sideways. 

So. I rearranged and reorganized and redid. (If you don't know this about me...I love to rearrange, reorganize, and redo!!) It always makes a bigger mess than the one you had to start out with, but that's okay. It's a process.

 After getting rid of several movies we don't really care about, and taking better advantage of  the top shelf, I ended up with an entire empty drawer! I decided to put throws in there...because my hubby likes blizzard winds blowing on him wherever he goes. Ahem...

The little drawers are significantly less of a headache now...

These bottom drawers no longer have any kid stuff. Just boring mommy and daddy things. I'm hoping that will deter little hands from checking everything out all day long. 

All the kid movies are out of reach. (Until someone figures out to get a chair, right?) 

And, yes, I do feel the need to group the movies according to a system. It makes me feel good to have the movies like this while simultaneously living with cluttered counter tops, a (literally) crumby kitchen floor, and laundry that is perpetually coming out of my ears. Laundry, I've come to accept, that will never (can never) be all done. 'K?!

It just looks so much better, if I do say so myself. (I even dusted!)

Now I can close the doors and know it's gorgeous inside! :)
Order. Don't you just love it???

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  1. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


  2. Is that Anne of Green Gables I see? Great job. I started a blog too and have a work in progress for the schoolroom. I'm converting an old dresser for storage of manipulatives and things I do not want want Noah getting into.


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