Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WFMW: Book Organization

I'm a book freak. I can't help it. Really, I'm pretty weird. Love the smell of them. Don't like to break the spines. That sort of thing. BUT I also like to read them.  :)  And I want the same for my kiddos.

So we have a "Book Room." That's what we call it. Because I wasn't clever enough when I established it to think of calling it a "Book Nook." Duh. Oh, well. Anyway, it serves its purpose. We have lots of great kids' books. (Keep in mind I used to teach public school.) And a place to read them in peace and quiet. Of course, we pull them out for naptimes and bedtimes as well.

Notice paperback chapter books and Little Golden Books are kept up high, while board books are kept on the floor in a basket. For obvious reasons.

But we also enjoy the library. A lot. And I let the kids each bring several books home with them. Noah is allowed an unlimited amount. ('Cause I'm so sweet that way. Shh. Don't tell the others.) How do we keep the library books from mixing with our own collection and, hence, causing major freaking out on this momma's part when books are due?! 

We keep a small basket next to a bedroom door in the hallway. All the kids have access to it. It's handy for rest time and for bedtime stories. And the books...after they've walked off...have a place to which they can return. If only momentarily.

Some of the books will inevitably be chapter books that will take us quite some time to finish, so those books and any of our own collection that we are "working through" go on a tray in the living room. So that they're less likely to walk off.  ;)

I'm participating in Works for Me Wednesday.


  1. aaahhh, books. The Varhallas love them, too. I was just wondering a few days ago if we should get rid of some, but the kids pull old ones out all the time and re-read them. Todd does the same thing. I am sooo glad we have built-ins in the living room now, and we all have a bookshelf in our bedroom as well. I want to raise life long learners and reading is the first step!!!! I like "book nook". We have a "book loft" in the girls' room. fun stuff! Happy Early Mother's Day, by the way!!!
    ps. they didn't do my menu right, so I couldn't post it. It was sorry this week, anyway.

  2. Oh how I love books! As homeschoolers we have books and books and books. And then we go to the library and bring home even more books. I do the same thing as you - we have a place for books we own and a place for library books. Heaven help me if they get mixed up!!

    I'm visiting because you stopped by during the Ultimate Blog Party and left a comment. You mentioned living in AR so I had to drop by. I grew up in AR and all my family lives in Benton County. It was nice to meet you! :)


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