Monday, December 19, 2011

From Kampala to Gulu: An Opportunity for YOU to Serve

First...they moved from Little Rock...

to Kampala, Uganda.

And now...after almost a year, they are moving north to Gulu. You may have heard of it. If not, please click the link...and learn. Learn well.

The Rackleys are our very good friends who...

have a heart for the unreached, the orphaned, the fearful, the ashamed, and the lonely.

They have a heart for God's Kingdom.

They also have six children living with them in Africa. And a requirement to pay six months of rent in advance for their new home in Gulu. And moving, in general, is expensive. And they need your help.

They need YOU to be used by God to help them get to Gulu.


Can you spare FIVE DOLLARS?

FIVE measly dollars??!?

Can you take two minutes of your time NOW to visit their blog, click the DONATE button, and give FIVE DOLLARS to this Suubi Family so they can go do God's work there?

Right now.

Because time is of the essence, as they are having a Blog-a-Thon that will only last two more days.

So--before things get too busy for you...

and before you go spend too much money on more stuff...

click and donate. (It is tax-deductible.)


And I'd love for you to comment here to let me know you did. I mean, it's FIVE DOLLARS. No big deal. Right? Tell your friends. Share or like this post on Facebook, Tweet it, share it however you can and in as many ways. (All of the required buttons are lined up and conveniently waiting for you just at the end of this post.)

Thanks, friendly blog readers across the world! And Merry CHRISTmas!!

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  1. You made me cry. Thanks....

    Love you, sweet friend! And thank you for posting about us!


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