Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Counting...Ever Counting (339-362)

Three Gifts Reflecting:

#339 Father and son.

#340  Colored egg bearing reminders: hard shell broken open like the tomb, new life inside like ours in Christ. A beautiful symbol.

#341  Looking in, looking out; looking back, looking forward.


Three Gifts Fragile:

#342  Puppies needing homes. Boys needing puppies.

#343  When in pain. When helpless. I am my weakest.
"May I be low, low, low, so You're made higher. And I'll be weak, for You are strong. Weak, for You are strong in the weak man."



#345  A Gift Cloth:

#346  A Gift Steel:

#347  A Gift Wood:


Three Gifts Moving:





Three Gifts "Ugly Beautiful":

#351  Stretch marks.

#352  Worms in a flower bed.

#353  Hurts that will one day heal.


Three Gifts Orange:





Three Gifts in Dirt:





#360  A Gift Given: Nephew's belated birthday present. Loved hearing his excitement.

#361  A Gift Made:
 Birthday cookie for my biggest boy.

#362  A Gift Sacrificed:

Most innocent, perfect life taking on all my ugly wickedness. He stood in my place.

"He was pierced for [my] transgressions
He was crushed for [my] sins.
The punishment that brought [me] peace was upon Him.
And by His wounds, by His wounds [I am] healed."
--Steven Curtis Chapman

Here's why I count.

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