Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Tagged" For Christmas

I've been tagged! The girl in this woman wants to know if I'm ready for the holidays--if I'm ready to "get my jingle on." Hmm...Am I ready for Christmas? Boy, that's a tricky one. Depends on what you mean by "ready."

I suppose the answer is yes: I'm ready like a little kid is ready to go to Disney World toMORrow. (I speak from experience here.) I have those "I can't wait" butterflies--that mentality that creeps in oh, about the first moment there's a cool nip in the air and then becomes full-blown the second the clocks are turned back and Daddy starts arriving home from work at bedtime, it seems. Something is definitely in the air besides the ragweed! I start thinking about what special somethings the little ones might like to open this year, start considering what fun activities we might like to do, and start craving all the delicious foods we traditionally make, especially the sweets. (For those of you who know me well, that shouldn't surprise you.) I'm ready, ready, ready for hot cocoa, thick snuggly blankets, crackling fires, warm pjs, twinkly lights and decorations, holiday pictures of my children, Paul's obsession with Burl Ives, candles burning, getting together with friends, wrapping packages (okay...wrapped packages...big difference), the Carpenter version of fruitcake, picking out our tree at the tree farm. In that way I am oh, so ready!!

However, if by "ready" you mean READY, then the answer is absolutely not. Let's face it, I'm still working on making a home out of this house into which we moved a year ago!! You know, hanging pictures, making bedding, etc.--basic stuff. Here are the other reasons I'm not ready:

  • I have at least an 18" stack of catalogs beckoning to me to get started on my shopping. Yet I have succeeded in ignoring it for an entire month now. I am so NOT ready to dive into them. Just a bit too overwhelming right now, though it would be nice to have it done. (Yes, Mom, I can admit that I'm procrastinating AND it's illogical.)
  • I am certainly not ready to show up to the million holiday functions knowing I have a total of three, unfortunately very slouchy, outfits I can get into right now. Ugh.
  • As much as I am craving the traditional foods, as mentioned above, I am not ready to be faced with them at a time when I really should lay off. (Unless, of course, I don't mind wearing those same three slouchy outfits for the next year or so.)
  • I'm not ready for another year of Christmas memories to pass when I am a good six years behind in documenting Christmases past.
  • I am definitely not relishing the thought of dragging out all those red plastic bins from the attic and sorting through all the stuff. Just makes me tired thinking of it right now. Everything tends to make one tired when living on an average of 4 hours of sleep per night, I guess.
Well, I've succeeded in answering the question without actually taking a stand. That's me. Always the indecisive one. Let's just hope I can choose between Toy A and Toy B when the moment of truth is upon me! Okay--I'm tagging the following friends: academy at thousand oaks, from jambalaya to wienerschnitzel, a day in the life of a price, and kittino's karousel. Instructions: Answer the question "Are you ready to get your jingle on?" and then tag a few of your blogging friends. Have fun!



  1. I understand completely! The pictures are all so cute. I know the actual act of decorating and such will be overwhelming for me as well. I just need to get paint on the walls first. :)

  2. Will you do me a favor - please go buy yourself an outfit that you feel good in? It's not wasteful; just wear it after the next babies. And please enjoy all of the holiday treats and stop worrying about it, Skinny Minny.

  3. Hey Lori, I am working on this. I just got my computer back after about 10 days in the shop. I love seeing the pictures of your kids on the blog! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family. You are one of the most creative people I know...I bet you could make your house look great with just a few good choices.



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