Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Birthday Plans

I've been too swamped lately with planning parties to blog or read blogs, so that's the reason for my absence amongst the internets. Two October birthdays four days apart makes for a very busy weekend coming up. The only reason I sit here NOW is because Gabriel is "challenging" the nap he seriously needs, and I am sitting here waiting for him to get still. (Thank goodness we finally got the Dell issues worked out--well, mostly. I HEART wireless internet.)

I've got a very dirty house, many errands to run (and a broken Expedition...so I'll not be going anywhere anytime soon), and lots of food to cook. I truly don't know how it's all going to come together...

Anyway, I thought I'd quickly share the invitations I made. And hopefully one day I'll get around to sharing the party details. (But don't hold me to it.)

Saylor is having a tea party. (Did ya figure that one out?) Her ACTUAL birthday was yesterday, but we're doing the party this weekend out of necessity. She's invited just a small handful of little girls (and we're hoping her best boy friend will come help "serve" the little "ladies"). I'm hoping to serve two different types of tea, homemade scones, tiny sandwiches, and cake.

The invite is simply blue card stock I cut out in the shape of a teapot. (There I go again--stating the obvious.) After writing the party details on it, I embossed flowers all over and then rubbed a pink crayon over the raised flowers. Added some ribbon and fancy multi-color eyelash yarn and there you have it. Simple, albeit somewhat time consuming.

And then there's Atticus. This is the BIG, most important FIRST birthday party!! I've scanned two different invites because. well. there WERE two different invites. 1) I couldn't decide between the two photos of him reading the book, and 2) I only ordered four of each from Walgreen's and didn't feel like going back for more. (Isn't that disgusting?) Anyway, I tried to send THIS one to people who MIGHT not get the whole "Goodnight Atticus" thing, since the title of the book (in the picture) is somewhat visible. (I was disappointed in this photo, because it was slightly out of focus, but it was really the best "shot" for this particular invitation, wouldn't you say?)

And then THIS pic was just so stinkin' cute, I just had to use it, too.

Atticus's Goodnight Moon theme birthday party will be at dinner time this Friday night. I will serve bowls of "mush" (soup) and bread and, of course, cake. It's going to be a cozy pajama party.

This invite is green card stock to which I added a hand-drawn telephone, balloon, and picture frame to mimic the objects in the story. The yellow lettering at the top was done with a yellow Galaxy marker (love those). Yeah, also quite time consuming. Next time...I'm making ONE and taking it to Kinko's (or FedEx...whatever) for color copies. I'm not sure why I feel the need to go through all this to invite FAMILY over. I just do. (Okay. I'll admit it. It's fun.)


  1. Aw so so cute! don't even get me started on how excited Annie is about Saylor's party! Once i gave her the invitation, she ran upstairs to figure out what she was going to wear :)

  2. Is Atticus having a party to?? Such cute pictures <3 He is so cute!

  3. Oh so cute! We read that story every night! Hope your party turns out great!


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