Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Today I am NOT very eager to try the new suggestions for peanut butter uses you guys shared on this recent post. I do NOT crave peanut butter. Ever. Just like I was NOT dipping pretzels right into the jar of peanut butter last night while vegging on the couch. Never!

My baby is NOT playing like crazy right now in his crib instead of falling asleep. Especially since company is coming in less than an hour (and my house is a wreck...and the food is unprepared)!! MY baby is always considerate of Mommy's schedule and keeps to one himself.

I am also NOT reminding you of my very first bloggy giveaway. And I am NOT emphasizing the fact that the contest closes at midnight tonight!! Because if you really wanted a chance to win, you'd take it, right?!? You certainly don't need ME nagging you to comment, comment, comment! So, I'm not. Definitely NOT.

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  1. Hey, you are sweet to offer, but I cooked ahead of time and am really doing well. I'm finding it easier now than when teaching.
    I DO still want all of us to get together some way some how though!


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