Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Me! Monday


I am SOOOO organized these days. SOOOO on top of things! I have NOT let it become CHRISTmas season without posting October's Pumpkin Patch pictures! I mean really, who let's an entire month and a half go by??!! And I am NOT still unprepared to publish said post. I, of course, have everything all lined up, pictures properly captioned, and a very descriptive narrative written to accompany all those great photos!!

And we did NOT have any trouble whatsoever getting a decent shot of all four kiddos. We NEVER have trouble doing that!! Like this one, in which they are NOT the slightest bit squinty...

Or THIS one, which is just perfection in a photo.

My blessed children are NOT doomed to have their mother's squinty, sun-sensitive eyes. They LOVE staring straight into the sun for photos!! (Just like me.)

Gabriel has NOT always found the dishwasher to be a great place to play with cars. Because I don't know about you, but WE provide our children with all the best, most age-appropriate educational toys.

And that is absolutely NOT moldy crud growing in the dishwasher...because let's face it, we have the BEST dishwasher on the planet. NEVER a moment's trouble!

This, my friends, is NOT my closet. NONE of what you see here actually exists. This photo is a fake. Because I do NOT have a messy closet!!! NOT me!!

And we most certainly do NOT store incredibly random objects on the top shelf. Objects I'm sometimes not sure why we would even have!!

Do you see the neon green ring? Those are NOT my high school English literature books...because I am NOT so nerdy as to BUY them when I was graduating. Because that was NOT required (really, it was NOT), so why would I doooooo that???!! Oh, probably because that literature could NEVER be found in a public library. Right?!

And I did NOT come outside one afternoon to find THIS:

It is NOT Noah's creative concept of an outdoor restaurant called "Good Tiyr"--just in case you thought it was. He did NOT find that tire way up in our woods and proceed to roll that sucker all the way down into our backyard and use it as inspiration for a "restaurant."

Who would have ever thought of such a thing?? NOT my child!! He has so many more important ways to spend his time. And besides that, our yard HAS NEVER and COULD NEVER look like Fred Sanford's!

This is NOT the dining table.

I am NOT so exhausted with it all that I am contemplating calling in an "outside crew" like they have on Hoarders (scary, scary show on A&E) and just getting rid of everything we own. I am so thankful for the stuff--the stuff that takes over and makes it so I no longer notice my children!! I am NOT in serious need of a vacation (NOT a Staycation). And I am NOT still yearning for this cob house:

You can head over to MckMama's Not Me! Monday to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


  1. Why do you have an Alpha Xi Mug?? I mean, who doesn't have 2 or 3 of those things around??

  2. Lovin' the turn table & Ukulele. And now that I've seen Noah's restaurant, I know why he and JI are fast friends.

  3. compared to my closet, yours is organized.
    Elijah won't even let me have the dishwasher open. I can't load it when he's around b/c he will without fail, insist on closing it.

  4. I personally like the roll of paper towels in the closet and how the Food & Family: Making Sweet Memories magazine is seemingly on display.


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