Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snips, Snails, & Pretty Pigtails: Gabriel

This boy of ours... a thoughtful, ever-observant little boy. He takes it all in. And keeps it to himself.

He has grand ideas, which he quietly goes about bringing to fruition. (Let's just say...there's almost always a mess involved.)

And then he surprises us with excessive silliness, wild, wacky rough-housing, even singing!

It's enough to wear anybody out. Good thing he's a marathon napper.

He's a sweetheart who really doesn't see the big deal when it comes to the whole TALKING scene.

Talking. It's so

And if it were up to him, he'd NEVER come inside, and there would be an endless supply of push toys and ride-on toys. As long as there were wheels involved, he'd be happy. (And don't forget the dirt.)

One thing is certain: God gave him those dimples so I'd give him cookies and forgive him for
destroying things in redecorating my home.

Current Gabe facts: He's putting two words together a lot now. "Yeah, Momma." "No, Mommy." "Hi, Ash," "Bye, Daddy." A few new words are "dough" (as in play dough), "apple," "juice," and "Wendy." And he takes such good care of his baby brother. If Atticus gets hurt, Gabe is the first one to get to him and give him hugs or pats or kisses or all of the above. And besides the time he put a pecan shell on Atticus's lunch tray and Atticus decided to give it a try and scare me half to death by NOT BREATHING!! well, he's a pretty doggone good big brother.


  1. Cutie Pie!! I love the way he communicates :D So cute <3

  2. What a sweetie! I love how you've depicted him, Lori.

  3. Awe, I love to watch their gears turn and see how much they are, will, and have accomplished. Too cute.


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