Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 365: Week 4

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Noah learned to ride a bike today. I know. He's SEVEN. Why didn't he already know how?? Well, perhaps you haven't seen our driveway. Let's just say if you're the inexperienced-in-driving-up-mountains type, then you wouldn't want to even ATTEMPT using our driveway. You'd simply park on the street. Which. Makes it pretty hard to say, "Son, go out and see if you can figure out how to ride that bike of yours while I fix dinner and tend to the babies." And then I obviously couldn't easily take him on the road, considering I'd have three others with me on. the. road. to watch. Anyway, it was finally warm enough to get outside, so the Most Awesome Daddy in the World took that boy out and taught him the single most important skill in all of boyhood. And quite quickly, too!

By the time I was done putting the bittyest babes to bed for a nap, Noah was hopping up and down with his magnificent news that I just HAD to come witness. And, let me tell you, it was something to behold. Especially since I had never in all my life seen the boy do such an astounding thing! After plenty of time tearing up the roads...downhill at lightning speed...

...and the young'uns were all awake, we all went for a nice, leisurely walk through the neighborhood.

We even invited "Baby."


Today my sweet, innocent, darling, Precious Moments-faced child who is NAMED AFTER AN ANGEL(!!) decided to carve up our dinner table. Because? Well, hmm...good question. The sad thing is I was standing right THERE...I heard the awful noise, but it just didn't register for some reason. I guess I was so busy cutting Atticus's peanut butter toast into four thousand and eight itty-bitty baby bites that I blocked out the horrid grinding noise behind me. So not fair.

Gabriel's First Woodworking Project


This was our mail today. A magazine I love, a book I ordered so long ago I don't remember when it was (Media Mail is SO slow, y'all) for a little book discussion group I'll be joining on Thursday night, and TEN (count 'em--10!!!) pieces of junk mail. TEN!!! Evil, evil credit card and insurance companies. (Did I mention there were TEN pieces?!)


My friend Meredith dropped by with her three girls, her sister-in-law, and her two nephews today. It was so good to see her again. The last time we laid eyes on each other, I was pregnant with Atticus! He is now 15 months old, and she has a 3-month old baby herself!! It had been a long, long while. Of course, getting together nowadays is a word...CRAZY. So many kids. So much energy. And my Noah is the oldest. So you can imagine. And it had to go and be a rainy day, too! Yuck! And FYI...don't EVER try to feed nine children (minus one who is a mere nursling) on two large pizzas. It simply can't be done. (Now you know what I should have known.)

Maddie, how could you have grown THIS much?!

Ella, you've been sorely missed!!

Welcome to the world, little Ava. (Ripped this one off your mommy's blog. You must have been moving too fast for me while you were here, because I didn't get a single shot of you. But I sure did enjoy my cuddle time, you scrumptious baby girl, you.)


I just didn't have it in me today to photograph anything. Went to Academy. Was late AGAIN. (I want to cry.) My friend Julie took Noah with her afterward for a play date with her son. I had the chance to rest a bit, which is exactly what I did. Then I fed children and helped Saylor with a monstrosity of a knot on her temple after she SPUN into a table with. her. head. while dancing to music from Classical Baby. Should have taken a picture of the bump, I guess. Because you had to SEE it to believe it. It was really that big. But I wasn't thinking "Get the camera!" at the time. Sorry. Once the kiddos had their food and Saylor was feeling better, I slipped out to my book discussion group...without my camera. (I'm new to this whole picture-a-day thing.)


Friday night my hubby took "big bro and sis" to the Renown Conference (a missions conference organized by one of our fellow church members). The youngest Davidsons had their own kind of fun here at home.


We were in and out all day today it seems. Yet we still managed to not go buy groceries, which is what we really needed to do. I went to scrapbook at a new friend's house for a few hours late in the afternoon and through supper. When I got home I found that it was Saturday Night Fever at my house, and I had been missing all the fun!!

Just another crazy week at The Davidson Den. How was yours??


  1. Just making the round, a bit late but I am trying this week to get around to all of them.

    Great pictures, loved the woodworking project...oh I remember those days. I came down the stares from my shower and found My DD painting my newly recovered living room sofa with red nail polish and my 8 year old son was sitting on the sofa right next to her oblivious of the whole thing...


  2. oh learning to ride a bike....such memories. When our oldest learned, we lived in a neighborhood in TX that was mostly elderly. I still remember all those grey hairs standing on the side walk cheering her on...sweet.

    one day you will be sitting around that table with grandchildren telling them the story of how their daddy came to love woodworking! ha!

    always fun to visit friends!!

    you obviously haven't been doing p365 long enough when you choose to comfort your child rather than take their picture!! :)

    great week!

  3. Love the pictures! It DOES look like you missed all the fun Saturday night - the kids look like they were having a blast!

    I got the park name wrong on my post - it's not Saylor, it's Snyder - oops! We're in Ohio - & there is a Saylor Park in Cincinnati where we used to live (Snyder is in Springfield).

  4. I adore that picture of the peeking into the baby carriage on the side walk... that looks like a post card....

    oh man... that kitchen table... OUCH! my heart sank for you!

  5. Wish I could tell you things get better, but we've learned with Joshua - once a carver, always a carver. He's 13 and still does it, without even realizing what he's doing. We have his "signature" on most carvable items in the house. Makes me so angry! Sorry girl!

  6. Where do I begin? These are all great pix. What a fun week full of great memories... Well, maybe not the woodworking project? It gives character and a great story though. ;)

  7. What a great set of pictures, and it sounds like you had a very "busy" week. Gotta love those "busy" kids. I put a big hole in my nice kitchen table and I am 40...ha ha. I'll learn how to refinish the table and then tell you how to do it too!!

    Thanks for sharing


  8. WOW! You are a busy mama! Your little ones are beautiful!

  9. awww those are great series of priceless moments! thanks much for sharing!

    hmmm i also do not know why you couldnt view my photos :( maybe you can try it now, and hopefully it works now! thanks much for the visits! following you now ;) and nice to meet you!

  10. Whew! I'm a little worn out just looking at all your busyness. :) Looks like lots of fun; thanks for sharing it with us!

    Congrats Noah on learning to ride the bike! Wish you could come over and get my 8-yr-old to ride her own bike faster than .2 mph. Such a fearful child! Someday she'll be speeding down the highway in one of my cars and I'll wish for those slow days again.

  11. Promising futures: a cyclist and a carver! ;)
    My mother's sewing machine still has my youngest brother's name carved in the metal!
    You have a beautiful family and lovely friends. Blessings!

  12. The Woodworking reminded me of my son who decided to practice his baseball swing with his new bat in my kitchen. Lets just say that the new stove lost...


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