Sunday, January 31, 2010

Project 365: Week 5

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Sunday was a sad sort of day, as Paul had an out-of-town trial scheduled Monday morning and a meeting with the clients Sunday afternoon. So after church and a quick Whole Foods run for essentials, he left us. We all spent the day in a sad state, so for supper I treated us to pizza delivered to the door. IN our pajamas.


Since we did absolutely nothing all day Sunday, and I fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 2:00 a.m. to go get in my bed, then I shouldn't have been surprised to find this upon rising Monday morning...

or this...

And if you think that's bad, check out the laundry room!!

I got busy-ISH. But while I was doing the dishes, Atticus climbed up and sat on top of the dishwasher door. I told him "no no" and put him down, but he climbed right back up. Down I put him again, only this time I made him understand, so he walked away pouting. In the back of my mind I thought, "Watch. He'll suddenly decide to climb the stairs now." (Even though he'd never even attempted it before.) A couple of minutes later I hear, "Daaa-deee! Daa-deee!" Noah was standing in the kitchen, so I had him go see what Atticus needed. And guess where he was?!? Four steps up the stairs! (The two of us have obviously got some sort of crazy wave-length thing going. Ha!)


Today we got some fresh (albeit cold) air. Noah designed a hopscotch game for us.

It was a little complicated, but Gabe was undeterred.
He even helped out a bit.

I like his "artwork" much better out here than indoors (specifically, on walls).


Noah wrote a song today. But before you get too excited, Uncle Jonathan, you should know that he was basically playing the demo songs on his keyboard in a certain order. In other words, he was more like a DJ than a composer. But he thought it out, planned it, wrote it down, etc. until it was just right, that's for sure. Oh, the creative process is so hard to understand sometimes!


Academy* day. Thanks to Paul staying home until 8:00 and dressing two children and making breakfast, we actually made it there on time this week!! (No more tears from the sad little mommy who can't stand to be late OR to get in trouble for it.) Now--here are some of my kindergartners. (I'm the teacher's aide.)

Check out the Oreo/cracker/"meat"/cheese Lunchable sandwich this little fella made:


It snowed. Well, actually it iced and then snowed (a little). We spent two hours finding and donning all our warm things and then like twenty minutes outside.

Except for Noah. Noah could live outside. And doesn't notice the cold until he is soaking wet and RED all over. Then he notices and comes dripping inside.


Snowed in. I baked some cookies. We did a little cleaning out and a lot of lying around.

And one of us is sick again.

Poor Saylor Girl

BUT. I'm excited to be treating her NATURALLY based on what I'm learning from my new book (the one I mentioned last week).

*I don't remember if I've explained about Academy, so just in case I haven't...We go to Homeschool Academy once a week. It's just a chance for homeschoolers to be in a classroom environment and learn some supplemental content. I took an aide position for a little extra cash, free tuition for Noah, and child care for the others.


  1. I love the views into your household...feels so familiar with such little ones.

    What a good big brother to protect Atticus from the stairs. Nice to have another set of eyes!

    Tough waking up to a sink full of dishes. Pretty soon maybe someone will be old enough to help. Well, pretty soon in like five years.

    I'm not a big fan of getting bundled up to go outside. So much work and then you gotta stand out in the cold. I feel like a bad mom, but its just not my favorite.

  2. oh I remember days like what you woke up to!! ugh! but it does get better when the kids are old enough to do some of it!!!

    that baby just started walking..what is he doing crawling up stairs?!!!


    too much fun in the cold for Saylor! Hope she is feeling better by now!

    great week!

  3. i love seeing the realness in your household, reminds me of when mine were young and even now sometimes when we are really busy...there is just not enough time or energy most days to do it all, and THAT's OK! :D you have happy kids and that is all that matters.

  4. Hi Lori!
    I can relate as my household has recently been turned upside down with our new addition. She demands I not only hold her, but walk around with her as well! I don't think she cares how clean the house is! You asked me how long we had to wait to bring her home. We started the first paperwork in March 2005.

  5. Whole Foods and delivered Pizza. ;) I love the honest pix... I makes me feel normal. Hehe. Oh, but the oreo-meat combo? blech.

    Great pictures, as always. ;)

  6. Hey! That's what my kitchen looks like all the time!!!

    Love the pics of him at the keyboard - what a fun process when they do it themselves!

  7. great shots of your stay busy! and your kids are adorable!

  8. Great candid, real shots of the morning after! Nothing beats eating in your jammies!
    Congrats on the climbing milestone!

  9. At least you can use the kids as an excuse. What about us old folks that just prefer to do the things we like and let the house go? Shame on us!
    I love the Atticus pics and the Kindergartners.
    Wow, Noah a budding musician!

  10. Atticus is so cute and SERIOUS standing on the stairs! Loved the glimpse into your week...

  11. Thanks for visiting. I'm 18 weeks along. Counting down the days!

  12. Love your pics this week! So much fun and learning going on! Your son is so intent on his song. I agree it is hard when Daddy is gone. And I hate waking up to a messy kitchen! I would love your healthier baked oatmeal recipe. I love the texture of this one, not too dry, but would like to make it a little healthier!

  13. those are great series of photos :) you have such a wonderful kids.

    u may visit mine here


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