Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snips, Snails, & Pretty Pigtails

Noah FINALLY finished a unit on Autumn. (Downloaded from TOS.) He actually finished it before now (more like a few days before CHRISTmas). I'm just getting around to making the video and getting the photos done.

I'll have to post the pictures of the rest of his work later. (I'm actually considering having a separate blog for posting most of the school grandparents can see what we're working on. No need to bore the rest of y'all to tears.)

Saylor enjoys making Atticus laugh. She discovered a long time ago that he thinks it's hilarious when someone curls their nose up and says, "Ewwwww." The other day she was playing with him and said, "Oh.......what's the word?? (insert dramatic pause here) Ewwwww!!!" Atticus, of course, belly laughed, and I was blown away with her idea for a game. So funny.

Thankfully, she's all better from her little 24-hour stomach bug from last weekend. But I just had to get her picture (Saturday night) sleeping on the bathroom floor. Because even when pukey, she sleeps like a princess.

Gabriel has really shown an affinity for slap-stick humor lately. He LOVES watching AFV (America's Funniest Videos) with Daddy. (Just what we needed--another one.)

Here he is laughing his head off at Noah falling down over and over. (Don't mind the chocolate.)

He's also gotten tall enough to unlock and open the front door (
Yeah, I'm a little nervous about that one...) for his beloved "Ash" (his therapist), who is also his very favorite person to talk to on the *pretend* phone. (She calls a lot.)

Atticus has been nodding his head "yes" lately to answer our questions. It is hilariously cute because he has to really focus on what he's doing in order to coordinate the effort. And our little "professor" doesn't just love to read books, but he also can be seen on a regular basis holding a piece of paper and a writing utensil (even straws will do, apparently) as he "takes notes." Love it! He even walked through the kitchen the other day with Noah's little camera, and this is what he was doing.

We laughed so hard. No idea he knew what to do with that thing!

Maybe he can teach Mommy a little something...


  1. We're so proud of you Noah...

    Aunt Wendy and Uncle Mert

  2. I LOVE Noah's lapbook! Tell him Aunt Kim said it was awesome!

    I have been compiling a few things to make a few 'lapbooks' for Micah to 'play' with. I have found a few cute ideas for skills in his area, but Mommy has to do the bookmaking. :)
    Someday, I am coming your way to get lots of ideas...unfortunately, my brain still thinks on the 3-5 grade level academically. I have got to get a little inspiration for the little mind! :)

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by Tater Tales, and good luck in the giveaway!

    Your children are just beautiful, and I love the name Atticus!

    Take care,
    Tater Mama

  4. Wow, your kiddos are GORGEOUS!! Isn't it wonderful how every age has it's own joys and quirks?!?

  5. We love making lapbooks. Tell Noah that F was VERY interested, watching his video!


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