Friday, March 5, 2010

Fifth Birthday Party REWIND

Saylor. My gorgeous Saylor turned FIVE back on October 5th. (Yes, her birthday is four days before her baby brother's.) FIVE years old!! That still astounds me.

Since she loves all things prim and proper, we decided to give her a tea party. Here (again) was her invitation:

We invited just a few little girls and Miriam. Saylor thinks the world of her.

I had asked the girls to bring a special doll or animal to join them at tea, so we had a special table set up just for them. (This is my ice cream set from when I was little. The
miniature tea set is a toy we got for Saylor when she was two. It's been a great plaything, by the way. It's made of a shatter-resistant poly-porcelain, which makes it much more durable. In fact, we've only had a few minor breaks, easily fixed with super glue.

The little table cloth is a vintage, hand-embroidered topper I used at Saylor's 2nd birthday party (the bird-themed one).

I also put out a small basket of girly dress-up clothes in case anybody was interested. They were.

Saylor always needs help with gloves. The tricky things...

It was so sweet for Miriam to play along!

For the main table I used a pink fabric tablecloth I used for Saylor's first birthday. And then I took some blue Easter napkins I had and unfolded them, layering them so that the embroidered bunnies didn't show and then topping them with white battenburg place mats.

I used the sugar and creamer from a china pattern that belonged to my Mamaw Corene; she gave me the set of china as a wedding present. (See them to the right in the picture below?) I even polished my real silver so the girls could have beautiful, dainty spoons with which to stir their tea. (These were also a gift from my Mamaw. She actually gave me several pieces of silver for each birthday and CHRISTmas starting from the time I was born. The first piece was a spoon with my name and birth date engraved in it. Saylor had this very special spoon at HER place setting, although I didn't get a picture of it.)

Then, my friend Liz from church found these scrumptious napkins in her linen collection and let me borrow them. I fell in love instantly! They could not have been more perfect. Y'all, she even washed and ironed them and then tied them up in a pink ribbon for me! How sweet is that?

We asked Saylor's special friend Dane and his brother to come help serve as waiters. Noah joined in, too, though I don't think I ever got a picture of him.

Would you just look at how cute they were? We had the party on Sunday afternoon, so everybody just came in their church clothes, even the "guys." Outfitted with white aprons, the boys LOVED serving the food. Dane did get sad once, though, when Noah took Saylor her cake and he had had his heart set on being the one to serve her. (Precious, precious.)

Okay. Now for the food. I borrowed my mom's silver tiered tray stand and a silver tray. Perfect for a tea party! I made jam sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, cranberry scones, and apricot scones, all served with organic peach-raspberry tea. Check out the paper plates and napkins (click to enlarge)! They were my inspiration for the party theme, colors, invitation, etc.

Here are our freshly-baked scones. Look closely and you'll see the cake server on that tray. We bought it for Saylor on the occasion of her first birthday party. We had the bottom of it engraved with her first and middle names. The plan is that when she gets married, we will have the groom's name engraved at the top and then they can use it at their wedding. In the meantime, it is the cake server we use for her birthday parties.
And then, of course, there was cake. I had such a hard time trying to get a handle and spout roughly made from almond paste to stay on that crazy cake. (One thing I know. Duff won't be calling me anytime soon to be on his team at Charm City.) That's what I get for deciding the night before the party to make a shaped-cake, which was a task I knew was well beyond my capabilities, as I am quite inexperienced in the cake-decorating realm. It certainly tasted good, though, and I think that might just be what counts.

After getting all dressed up, the girls gathered around the table, got their tea, and started adding the necessary sugar and milk. Then there was a significant amount of stirring. What a delightful noise they made! There were a lot of "pleases" and "thank yous" and requests to pass various items on the table. The waiters brought the finger foods, and the girls got a mini-lesson in how to properly eat a scone. Miriam impressed everyone by asking for more tea!

Then there was singing and candle-blowing and lots and lots of smiling.

Saylor was so blessed by her friends and family.

But soon it was time to go home. So, let's not forget about the favors.

Doubling as both place cards for the table and party favors, I made giant teabags...

...which were filled with candy rings (as in jewelry), Smarties, and a toy necklace.

You'll also notice that on the table, each girl had a paper fan to take home.

They were all different colors, as they were made from card stock I had here at home in varying pastel shades. Before folding, I pasted a paper doily on top of the paper and let it dry. Then I folded it like an accordion, added a rubber band to secure the bottom, and then wrapped the same multi-colored eyelash yarn I used for the invitation around the rubber band to hide it.

The girls drank their tea out of real china. Each one had a different pattern.

And when it was time to go home, we washed and dried the cups and placed them in a cellophane bag along with their "tea bag" and some very fancy, girly stickers.

Saylor's friends are so special to her. And we are all thankful to have had such a memorable birthday with such wonderful people.

I'm pretty sure Saylor Girl had a pretty good time. I mean, what else could make her act this way? Just kidding. She really is this lovable.

With the excitement of the day's activities still fresh on her mind, she beamed and flitted her way through the entire week. Here she is posing in her new birthday clothes from Mommy and Daddy. Could she be any prettier?

Or have any more personality?

*sigh* How in the world could she be five already?


  1. Wow! Everything is so absolutely beautiful and amazing! How did you do that?!

  2. Great job, Mom! :) Simply precious... can creative!

  3. oh time flies! the price clan sure does remember when "miss say say" made her debut into this world! we miss being a part of these birthday celebrations! maybe we can make party #6!!!

  4. Love this girly tea party! As usual, you are super mommy and I know all the little girls had a wonderful time.


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