Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Birth Story: The Third

Once upon a time, I was a mommy with two babies: a boy and a girl. And I wanted another. Sometimes I don't get what I want right when I want it. Does that ever happen to y'all? And I'm one of those people who just has to know why and why not. It's the puzzle-solver in me, I guess. Of course, God doesn't always reveal to us the whys of what we go through, but in this particular case I was able to understand at least a part of why my third baby finally came along when he did and not before.

As usual, I was showing no signs of going into labor, and we were fast approaching my due date. So. We once again made arrangements for an induction. When I made the appointment it just didn't feel right. My doctor even noticed my hesitation and assured me I could cancel it if I wanted. I soon learned why. My granddaddy passed away two days before I was scheduled to be induced. God made it possible for me to attend his out-of-town funeral on the very day I was supposed to have my baby. And even more of a miracle...on the day of my rescheduled induction--several days later--I ended up going into labor on my own early, early that morning, which was further confirmation that we had done the right thing. God's timing. Always so perfect.

On that day, three years ago...we welcomed into the world the largest (I like to say "healthiest") of all the Davidson kiddos to date. Gabriel. Our little angel.

Is there any other joy in life so great as seeing your baby for the first time?

Noah, who was already a big brother, knew first-hand the blessings in store for our family as we brought home a new sweet baby.

Saylor was new to all this big sister stuff, but she was easily a natural.

There was so much love for our new addition. And he could not have been more cuddly.

He didn't have a nursery when we brought him home, because we were in a much smaller home then and were trying to sell. But it was just as well. He slept in our
bassinet. Until he outgrew it, that is. He was a fast grower!

But he didn't mind. He was so easy to please and so easy to delight.

This child who came into the world MAD AS A HORNET (no kidding!) turned out to be such a laid-back, quiet soul--content to just watch and take it all in.

And as his personality developed, we learned that Gabriel does things according to Gabriel's own schedule...and in Gabriel's own way.

(The floor was cold.)

I will never forget that on CHRISTmas morning--the first CHRISTmas in our new house--Gabriel decided that the shiny wrapping, curly-Q ribbon, and the interesting, newly-unwrapped toys were motivating enough to suddenly begin crawling for the first time (at seven months). And boy, did he take off!

And how the first time he walked, he did it without any assistance or prodding from me or anyone else. He just walked into the kitchen while I was cooking. Walked right in, as if he'd been doing it his whole life. Like, "Mom, I just decided to walk today."

All of us have so enjoyed getting to know him.

We have all rejoiced with him as he's grown and learned...

...and experienced...

...and become who he is today.

Of course, all of my children are precious and special and dear to me. But there's just something about Gabriel. Something intensely sweet.

Maybe it's because he's so quiet. Maybe it's because he's so cute.

I don't know. But I'm in love with it. Whatever it is.

He truly is my little angel. Happy Birthday to our Gabriel Isaiah! Three years old today, May 23, 2010.


  1. I'll never forget how upset he was in the beginning! Just could not get himself settled into this new world. :) He is such a sweet, gentle one. I love how he loves on Heidi so sweetly! We love you, Gabe!!

  2. What a precious story and what a truly blessed little boy he is to have the momma (okay....AND the daddy :)) he has! I feel like I know him after reading his precious story and your momma's heart for him.


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