Friday, May 7, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter was so much better this year than last year--understandably. I even managed to get everyone's clothes to coordinate, though it was certainly the last possible minute before I knew exactly what they would be wearing. The more children there are, the harder it is. Let me tell ya! I realize it's not imperative that they all match. I just can't help it. I adore seeing them all looking like they were made to be photographed together (even if it is virtually impossible FOR ME to get a good group photo of them).

Ready, set, go!!!

I found Saylor's dress at Rhea Lana. It's a Strasburg. If you know Strasburg, then you know that the $35.00 I spent for it USED, but in "like new" condition, was a steal!! When I purchased the dress, I didn't even know for sure that it would be her Easter dress, though I knew that would make the most sense, considering I never spend $35.00 on any one clothing item anymore. Once I got serious about putting the ensemble together, I MADE it work. Her shoes are L'Amour (great brand we've owned before) and also came from Rhea Lana for only $8.00.

While I couldn't find that exact pink for the boys' clothing, I was perfectly happy just doing "shades" of pink to match Saylor. Noah had a brand new pair of plain-front khakis hidden in his closet (what a great discovery!). We got his pink, polo-style shirt at Belk's on sale for $9.00. Yes, ma'am. He wore brown shoes we got off Freecycle and have been saving until he reached this size.

Gabriel wore a white shirt and pink sweater vest that belonged to Noah when he was this age. However, Gabe is built quite differently than Noah was, so the vest just barely covered his very round tummy. (I LOVE Gabe's tummy, just so y'all know!!) Let's just say, it was a one-time outfit for Gabriel. That's okay, though, because the whole thing was hand-me-down (a.k.a. cheap). And since then during my recent attic work, I discovered a pink, polo-style shirt in a 3T just right for him, so they can still be matchy sometimes.

I found Atticus's three-piece Eton suit (just missing the tie) at Rhea Lana as well. The WHOLE thing was $6.00. I liked the way it contrasted with Saylor's pink dress but also was well within the same color family as the other boys' khaki pants. AND I found his shoes there for $4.00. Not bad, eh? After that, all that was left to do was run by The Toggery for a headband for Saylor (ugh--$12.00) and socks for the babies. So I spent a grand total of $74.00, and obviously we'll continue to make good use of most of the items. Certainly beats the $300+ I could have easily spent on a Wooden Soldier collection. And then, they may have had hats, but we wouldn't have been able to afford shoes. Anybody ever gone to church barefooted? I'm thinking not such a good idea.

Not that Easter is all about the clothes OR how much one spends on them. I'm just documenting. I was proud of myself for being so ultra-frugal again this year AND still somehow keeping the kids coordinated. Our friend Melissa was kind enough to compliment us on how well-matched the kids were. I could have hugged her neck right then because it was just exactly what I needed to hear!
Their baskets were probably a little bare this year.
1) I had decided to include hardly ANY candy.
2) We were running VERY low on eggs and didn't bother buying any more.
3) I refuse to buy all the cutesy plastic toys and novelty items just to fill a basket, because that's just more stuff being brought into our home, and stuff tries to destroy me.
4) I didn't have time for handmade gifts. Boo!

My big plan was to give them each a pair of Crocs. However, we were sort of broke-ish when it came time to purchase basket goodies, so Saylor (who already has plenty of shoes, if you ask me) got a favorite movie--the original Pollyanna, which I had left over from CHRISTmas purchases. And Gabriel got a pair of brand new Ralph Lauren sneakers I found at Rhea Lana for $8.00. Then I ended up finding Noah's Crocs (brand new!) at Rhea Lana for $9.50 and managed to get Atticus some "right now" fake Crocs and some Disney Crocs for the next size up (which he is already IN, by the way), both of which were a mere $3.00 and in great shape.

I did bake sugar cookies (made with Sucanant), cut them out with Easter cookie cutters, and iced them. That was my big endeavor this year. Yeah, don't anybody faint from amazement or anything!

I actually got Noah to smile for a photo!
What?! Now, we just have to try to overlook the many bicycle-wreck marks on his poor face.

Doesn't Saylor seem pensive? Actually, she's just pretending her new DVD is a notepad, and she's jotting some things down. She's so funny that way.

Gabriel was delighted with the eggs. Well, really, the whole day was fun and exciting to him!

Atticus was so cute, waving "hi" to some random neighborhood kid who drove by on his bicycle while we were outside.

I just had to drag out last year's group photo. Thought it would be interesting to see how much they've grown and yet how
unchanged my "family photo" techniques.

As you can see, some already have mouth-fulls of the TINY amount of candy I included in their baskets. THIS group shot was as good as it got. The rest contain even MORE chewing, scrunched noses, even some blue lips, as Gabe thought he could go ahead and eat a dyed egg, shell and all. One of these days, God will have completely cured me of my perfectionism. But I must say, I will always remember how sweet they all looked coming into church early (since I was singing) all together...and looking like that's exactly as it ought to be! I was one proud mama.


  1. You have such a beautiful family and love that you dressed...head to toe...all of your children for Easter in matchy matchy outfits...LOVE IT! I am all about matchy matchy and you did a wonderful job! My boys' baskets are usually filled with books and left over DVD's that I find cheap on sale! Sometime's a video game...

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I love the whole matching thing too but I cannot remember the last time we even bought new Easter outfits.

    We have spent the last two Resurrection Sundays with my hubby gone, so it has been hard for me to be motivated when the whole family isn't together.

    You family is beautiful!


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