Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Recently, as I was changing the crib sheets in the middle of the night for my littlest "little man," it occurred to me how very much I enjoy making things better for my children. How when they have boo-boos, I enjoy being the one they always run to for comfort and care. How they believe deep within their souls that I have the power to make everything all better again. Sometimes with a mere kiss! And how, as was the case this night, when they're sick and make a mess all over their helpless selves, as unpleasant as it is to "deal with," how I enjoy cleaning up the mess, washing their little feverish bodies, helping them get on new clothes, putting nice, clean sheets back on the bed, and soothing them back to sleep. All things made new. I truly treasure those times when I can CARE for them like that.

And as I was thinking all these things, the Lord spoke to my heart.
"I want to care for you like that, too. 

You, lying in your own filth, don't disgust me. 

I see your heart--the WHO you are because of Jesus--and that's what I love. 

I jump at the chance to get you out of that filth, to clean you up, to help you feel better. My heart breaks when you're sick, hurting, messy, distraught, helpless. 

I am your daddy, so no amount of "filth" can keep me away from you. If you will only just call to me. When you are feverish and disoriented, call my name in the night. And I'll be there before you even begin calling! I will wash you clean and give you a fresh start. 

I want to comfort you.  

I want to hold you close so I can sing over you and give you rest. 

You are my child. My baby. And I want what's best for you."

I'm learning a lot through this thing called "Motherhood."

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