Sunday, October 10, 2010

Project 365: Week 41

I am floored at how quickly this year is flying by. I still feel somewhat new to Project 365, but I guess I'm really not, now that we only have a couple of months or so left! It certainly has been fun. I will definitely have to continue. It's so nice to be able to visually SEE what all we've done with our year. Thanks to Sara for giving me the opportunity to take part! Okay. This is off the subject and completely random, but did y'all notice today's date is 10-10-10?? Whoa. Cool.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

We had another church baptism out in the country this afternoon. Love these precious times with our church family.

And this morning during breakfast, Saylor complained that it hurt to bite her apples. So I checked and, just as I expected, she had a very loose tooth. But by bedtime it was even looser! Can you tell?

Wait. This one shows it even better.

Saylor wasn't ready to have it pulled and didn't want her daddy anywhere near her (thanks to her brother's graphic explanations as to how the "pullings" go down). I personally greatly dislike pulling teeth, but she wanted me to check it. I couldn't really tell much. Just wiggling it left me with the impression that it wasn't quite ready, but it was slippery in there, so I grabbed a washcloth so I could get a better grip. Mind you, I was just going to see HOW loose it was. I barely lifted straight up. Barely! And out it popped. Saylor didn't even know I'd pulled it. I wasn't even sure myself!! Ha! 

Well, that was easy.

Monday, October 4, 2010

This is several weeks old, but TODAY I ran across it and decided to take a picture for posterity's sake. I'm posting this kind of stuff at my blog Snips, Snails, & Pretty Pigtails.

This is how we often do math. (He left off a little of the explanation at the end, but you get the idea.) Now...ahem...on to spelling.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
My Darling Daughter's Birthday

We took Saylor out for her birthday tonight. She's 6!! (I can't believe it.) My food was incredible. I had gnocchi, made with pastured chicken from Falling Sky Farm, one of our local greats! It was incredible. (Did I say that already?) Seriously awesome. I practically licked the plate clean. Let me just sum it up in three words for you: "Gorgonzola cream sauce." Oh, yeah...

And Saylor. Bless her heart. All we gave her was a new leotard and some tennis shoes I found on clearance. But she was SO happy opening them! And SO thankful. Which makes ME so thankful.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Today I'm bottling my brew. Kombucha, that is.

Oh! And guess what came in the mail today! One of our self-addressed envelopes in our Operation Christmas Child boxes came back from India. (We knew that's where they had gone, because ours were tracked and they let us know a month or so after they were sent.) It was exciting to hear back from this family, and we hope to be able to keep in touch with them. It's especially exciting, since we just started doing "My Passport to India."

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I spent much of the day in the kitchen today. Getting ready for the upcoming Two-Birthday-Party-Day on Saturday. I thought you'd get a kick out of my counter top extenders:

Do you run out of space on your cluttered counters? Well, no more!! You, too, can have peace of mind in your kitchen! Solve all your troubles by installing these very convenient, patented Counter Top Extenders!!  (Also known as...ummm...drawers.)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Today was even busier than yesterday! I was baking like a mad woman. And while things were in the oven, I was  folding laundry and picking up toys galore! So when my friend called and said she was bringing me her 6-qt. slow cooker because I was the first to respond to her email offering it up for free, I was ecstatic. Imagine my gratitude when she showed up with dinner to put into it, too!!! What a blessing! God used her servant's heart to help ME out on a crazy day! Praise the Lord!

And I am super pumped to have this thing, I tell ya! I've been trying to feed my family of six with a 4-qt. slow cooker all these years. It was definitely time for an upgrade!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Atticus turned TWO today! (Oh, that's hard to say.) He had an airplane party. Or should I say "pa-pane"?

And then we had a party for Saylor. A baby doll theme.

Yep. Two parties. One day. That would make me...crazy one, tired mama.When I said it would be a busy month, I wasn't exaggerating. Oy. And October ain't even over yet. Let the craziness continue...


  1. Ok - Crazy week - 2 parties in a week, I can barely handle 2 in a month! I am glad you got to enjoy your daughter's birthday dinner out, too! I just love me some good gnocchi! We also have a firts loose tooth in the house, but not that loose. Looks like you did great with the parties and I might have to try out those counter top extenders! :)

  2. Praise the Lord for a baptism!!!

    Love little missing tooth faces!

    2 years old? WOW...

    Look at those pacificers out of LifeSavers!! How creative!!! What's the top of them? Jelly Belly's?

  3. I LOVE pulling teeth!!! Send her to my house next time. When we lived in IN, I was known in the neighborhood as the tooth puller! ha! They kids would show up at my door and I would see if the tooth was ready or not. I can't tell you how many teeth I pulled! love it!

    Where did you go to dinner? Bravo? I need some Gorgonzola creme sauce!!!

    Ok, I learn more on your blog about things I never heard of than anywhere else!! Kombucha?

    Happy Birthday to your kiddos!! now get some rest!

  4. Love the counter extenders! That wouldn't work in my kitchen - can you believe it came with ONE drawer & it's a narrow spoon drawer? Fortunately we brought some drawers with us when we moved.

  5. Hooray for an easy tooth! :) That will make the next one better too.
    I LOVE your counter extenders...I can see the info-mercial now! HA!!
    Happy birthday to Saylor and Atticus!! Very cute treat you had too.
    Have a great and semi-relaxin week!!

  6. We've attended two birthday parties in one day, but I don't think I'd ever try to have two in one day. You are a brave, brave woman indded.

    Love the counter top extenders. I've done that with my desk drawers when I needed extra space to place a project I was working on.

  7. OH how I love toothless grins...I cannot stand wigglely teeth as well...they give me the ebby gebbies! and Happy Happy to your 6 year old & 2 year old...what fun! And what a blessing to have a bigger crock pot...I got a new one for Christmas last year and love it. Hope you have a great week.

  8. there's nothing like losing that first tooth. so sweet. love how God is in the details with the Passport to India/OCC letter.


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