Monday, December 20, 2010


Perhaps you know how much fun we have around here when it comes time to send Christmas cards. Over the years, we have had the best time thinking up some prop, some theme, some cute or funny expression (both of which are highly subjective) to say with pictures of our (always cute (to us)) kiddos.

(Please don't be jealous of my amazing photography.)

Well, I have somewhat bad-ish news. For those friends and family members who regularly receive our traditional Davidson Christmas card, you won't be receiving one this year. Honestly, part of me is leaping for joy inside, as it can be a little stressful trying to get that huge task completed amidst the craziness of this household. But part of me is sorta sad about it, too, because...well, I guess it's one of those things in life you can count on. Like the fact that the sun is going to come up in the morning or that honey is sweet or... that Ned Perme will have a tan. (Local weather man. Don't mind me.)


But before you think me far too Scrooge-like to continue reading, let me explain how IN LINE this is with where God is moving our family. If you've read my blog for any length of time really, you're bound to have seen the progression. From being sick of stuff to experiencing one loss after another to the point of some  major perspective changing.


You might also know that I've been reading Radical (please see the Archives in the sidebar for all my response posts). Well, when we put it all together, it just didn't make sense anymore to spend all that money on printing pictures, envelopes, and many, many, (many!) stamps. It just didn't. (Don't get me wrong, we are loving the Christmas cards we've been sent so far!!! That's one of our favorite parts of the season.) But we Davidsons.......are bowing out this year.


Instead, the money we would have spent on sending cards, we are going to donate to 99 Balloons, a ministry for children with special needs and their parents. (Perhaps you remember a post about selfishness I wrote about this precious couple?) They are suggesting "Dis-CARDing Christmas," and it was here that I first got the idea to do this.


Does that mean we love YOU less?? No. It just means we are trying to love JESUS more than we have. When I ended up clicking on that particular blog (after and during a very looooong season of not reading any blogs), I was right smack in the middle of reading Radical and was in a constant state of pondering HOW our family could put into practice the changes that were occurring in my heart. I didn't land on the blog by accident. Surely you can agree with that.


But don't fret. (Yes, I can hear you sniffing...) If you're a regular recipient of our Christmas card (or even one who would like to START receiving), please make sure I have your email address, if I don't already. Because our "card" will be going out via email this year. Leave a comment with your email address (be sure and spell everything out to keep the cyber bad guys from bothering us; ex.: so and so at servermail dot com or send me a message through Facebook, Twitter, etc.).


I'd actually LOVE to send out "cards" to blogging friends, old friends from high school, and long-lost pals I've heretofore had to leave off the Christmas card list due to money constraints and the fact that Paul and I have a LOT of family cards to send every year. So seriously, get me your info. ASAP!!


In case you'd like to do the same, there are other ways to consider spending your "DisCARDed" money, your far-too-extravagant gift purchases, and your huge (factory-farm-raised, very unhappy) turkey. (Yuck!) What if you reconsidered?! What if you sent your money to India instead (through My Passport to India) to help send more children to Children's Bible Clubs? Or what if you bought a dairy animal for a needy family or mosquito nets to help prevent malaria through Samaritan's Purse? Or what if you helped to feed the homeless at the Little Rock Compassion Center? Or what if you donated it to Scott and Kelly Rackley to help them get to Uganda? How much more could God use that money He has blessed YOU with? All that stuff under your Christmas tree will not last. (See Matthew 6:19-20.) But all the souls in the world? They will. For all eternity. So maybe there are better ways to spend our money. Just maybe. In fact...


  1. Your Christmas cards are sooo cute! You are very creative! Sure I'd like to see what you come up with this year, send me a card to rad3321(at)aol(dot)com.

  2. Lori, that video is what started our new family tradition 3 years the $$ we would spend on our kids big present and having them give it away.

    I actually thought of changing to ecards this year too....I think I will next year! And I would love to receive yours....sarawbowyerATmsnDOTcom


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