Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Needs a Menu


Breakfast: Strawberry kefir smoothies, cinnamon toast
Lunch: Leftovers from Seder Feast
Dinner: Soup from freezer
  To do: Begin baking ribs


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, fruit
Lunch: Four-cheese toasted sandwiches, fruit
Dinner: Ribs, baked sweet potatoes, salad
  To do: Soak rice, thaw hot dogs, soak muffin batter


Breakfast: Strawberry kefir smoothies, soaked muffins
Lunch: Hot dogs, guacamole w/ chips, fruit
Dinner: Stir fry
  To do: Soak beans


Breakfast: Cheesy scrambled eggs, buttered toast, fruit
  To do: Soak oats for granola
Lunch: Peanut butter sandwiches, carrots
Dinner: Brown beans (crock pot) and cornbread, sweet potato fries


Breakfast: Soaked waffles, fruit
  To do: Bake granola
Lunch: Don't know. Something quick and easy. Busy day.
Dinner: Frozen pizza  (See above entry.)


Breakfast: Soaked granola, bananas
Lunch: Arkansas Earth Day Festival
Dinner: TBD  (This, by the way, is usually code for 'Daddy comes up with something, because Mommy is on a kitchen break.')
  To do:  Mix up and refrigerate casserole


Breakfast: (Easter) Brunch Casserole, fruit
Lunch: (May be showing our house, so we will hopefully eat out. Maybe even with friends.)
Dinner: Popcorn Night

Join in with your menus!!!


  1. you are going to have to show your house on Easter?!!!

    you need to check out the recipe on my blog today..Hungarian hot sausage and lentil soup...delish!!!

  2. i'm with sara... showing your house on easter? bless your heart. i'm sure you will be thrilled when it's sold!


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