Friday, July 29, 2011

Gabriel's First

For Flashback Friday, I thought I'd reminisce a little about Gabriel's first birthday party. By the time he was ready to turn one, Noah had already had five birthdays and Saylor three, so you might think that by this point I would be an old hat at planning birthday parties. But the truth is I wasn't an old hat. I was just old. Old and pregnant. Yep. It was a first for me--being pregnant AT my child's FIRST birthday party. And not just barely pregnant either! I was already past the morning sickness and knew I was having another boy!! But back to the party...

Party Theme: Nautical Memorial Day Celebration

Gabriel's birthday fell exactly on Memorial Day his first year. So I found this adorable sailor suit on Ebay and used it as inspiration for a party theme.

I bought these blank cards and pre-cut ribbons online (wish I could remember where) and then printed up the invitations myself with our own wording.

Paul made fish and chips for our lunch. We did a little bit of research and learned how to make paper cones to serve them in, and Paul followed Bobby Flay's recipe for the batter. It was SOOOOO yummy!! Deep fried stuff usually is, you know.

And we bought a monstrous watermelon from the farmer's market, out of which I made a sailboat/serving bowl for the fruit.

The party favors were plastic sailboats and white sailor hats. (See them there on the piano?)

We put a little baby pool in the backyard so the kids could float their boats.

Admittedly, the cake was also an inspiration for me in choosing this theme. I had seen this cake on Martha Stewart's website (Google Martha Stewart, sailboat cake.) back when I was researching cakes for my nephew's first birthday. Paul and I have always been interested in sailboats and the like, so I had filed the idea away in the back of my mind. This cake, though intense to make, was delicious. VERY yummy. And it was gorgeous as well, if I do say so myself. Icing it didn't require much technique. Just the ability to follow directions and copy a picture to the best of one's ability. I think it turned out great!

I also made cupcakes and used little sailboat cupcake picks I found on Ebay. The tablecloth was dark navy blue, which I decorated with seashells and a candy dish of red M&M's. Looking back, I may have gone (a little) all out on this party! But it was SO much fun to do. It was easily one of my favorite parties ever.

And everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

And that's how he turned one.

Sweet boy.

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