Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Snips, Snails, and Pretty Pigtails

It has been so LONG since my last "Snips" post!! What kind of a mother am I?? ;) Okay. To explain, "Snips" are little tidbits of information I want to remember about each of my children at their various stages and ages. When I don't write these things down, they get lost in the jumbles of my brain, so really...it's proactive memory sustainability in action! (You can read other "Snips" posts by clicking on the tab just below our banner picture.)

Noah, 9

He is the leader and instigator of all things thought out-of-the box. There's always a fort/clubhouse to build, a rocket ship to make from a shipping box, a strange invention made from rubber bands, pencils, and index cards. That's just who he is. Evidence of this is all over this blog. You can even see it in how he plays. For example...

(I can't believe I forgot to include this in our epic-long Virginia Vacation posts!)

AND this boy is my best eater. Always has been. No issues with textures. Enjoys whatever is placed before him. Favorite food? Sushi! But he has weaknesses, too. And he admits them. Recently he got to go to work with Paul for the afternoon and, while there and somewhat unsupervised, consumed two large cookies and five (yes, FIVE!) cups of hot chocolate (the nasty kind in packets full of high fructose corn syrup and all kinds of other things I don't like my children to have).

Well, that little binge turned into one doozy of a stomach-ache! It was so bad he fell asleep in the middle of the day! WHICH. never. happens.

Saylor, 6

One thing I love about Saylor is how she enjoys doing her schoolwork. Well, most of it. She likes writing and math the best right now. Reading is a bit more frustrating for her. But one of her favorite books is this recordable one her Aunt Wendy sent her. It makes her feel so special.

Another thing I love is her hilarious personality. Her new haircut suits it quite well.







Gabriel, 4

Ever the quirky kiddo, Gabriel is currently learning the fine art of "showing off." Especially when there are visitors around. He can run at breakneck speeds around our house when someone simply comes to the door! The little move featured below was in honor of my birthday. So cute!

Gabriel has a soft spot in his heart for his little brother. They have always been close. But he even sort of takes care of him. I was so impressed on this particular morning because Gabe, who loves to draw, was coloring and Atticus wanted to do it, too. Gabriel said, "Here, Atticus, do you want to draw with me?" And then he offered to share his own paper.

Atticus, 2

Atticus is our imaginative role-player. Not to mention--a cutie pie. But he really loves to pretend. I snapped these pictures of him one morning coloring in a dinosaur coloring book.

Suddenly he sat like this, sighed, and said, "I busy!"

Gracious, you just don't get any cuter than that.

Of course, this is the same little guy who pulls his socks off at nap time and stuffs them back behind his crib, creating a nice collection for his mommy to dig out.

That's all for now. Until next time...


  1. that video is hilarious!!! your kids are so cute!

  2. Heidi does the exact same thing with her socks! :)


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