Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Snips, Snails, & Pretty Pigtails: CUR-RIC-CU-LUUUUMMMM

I LOVE the stuff. Can't help it. Maybe it's the love of books. Don't know, but the shelves of Mardel make me drool. And you'd be shocked to see how I act in those teacher stores that are actually 100% dedicated to selling educational supplies. It's scary how I behave!

I research the stuff, too. I mean, I actually READ all those forums where moms list the good, bad, and ugly about each and every program they've tried. I take it all in.

And then I stress OUT over which things will work for US. Because, you know, NO program works great for EVERYbody. Anyway, I've finally (FINALLY!) narrowed down the list for this year. And I'm quite excited to get started. (Not that we ever actually stopped, mind you. But that's another story.)

Noah will be in 4th Grade. (Astonishing, I know!)

Noah's Curriculum:

History/Geography/Bible/Fine Arts/Science/Reading:  My Father's World

Math: Finishing Everyday Math and then on to Singapore Math

Spelling:   A Reason for Spelling

Grammar:   Shurley English

Handwriting:   A Reason for Handwriting

Supplements:   Wordly Wise, Lessons in Responsibility for Boys by Pearables, Christian Liberty Nature Readers (for reading and science), Drops in the Bucket (for daily math review), Science Daybook by Great Source, computer software and websites

Extra-curricular activities:   Piano with his mommy, MAYBE guitar, MAYBE soccer late winter/early spring. Frankly, I need a break from the extra and the curricular.

If you were astonished by Noah's grade level, wait til you hear this...

Saylor will be in 1st Grade.  (!!!!!)

Saylor's Curriculum:

History/Geography/Bible/Fine Arts/Science/Reading/Phonics:   My Father's World

Math: My Father's World AND Math-U-See

Spelling:   My Father's World, to be later supplemented with A Reason for Spelling

Grammar:   Shurley English

Handwriting:   Handwriting Without Tears

Supplements:   Home Economics for Home Schoolers by Pearables, Drops in the Bucket daily review for math and reading, Carson-Dellosa workbooks (she loves them), Draw, Write, Now books, finishing Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Extra-curricular activities:   Piano with her mommy, WOULD LOVE to start her in maybe violin lessons (but I doubt we can afford it--both monetarily and schedule-wise), need to think of some kind of physical activity she can do. (Sadly, ballet is on hold for a while.)

Gabriel is officially now in Pre-K

What does that mean exactly? Well, right now I don't know. He's actually on the waiting list for the public school down the road from us. I do NOT want to send him to school each day. However, in his particular case, we think it would do him good to be in a social setting among his peers, where he can hear more language directed at him and, hopefully, where he can continue to receive some speech therapy services. We'll see. If he doesn't get in, then we'll be doing the following:

What Your Preschooler Needs to Know, Books 1 and 2

Super Star Speech Therapy

Atticus will be bouncing off the walls, no doubt. Grandparents?? Want to send funds for a Mother's Day Out program a couple days a week? You know. Just to keep me halfway sane?? Pretty pleeeeease?!

As much as Mommy can get around to it, Atticus will also be doing Tot Trays (go here to see some examples of what we have done) and activities from Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready.

The main change for this year is our decision to begin with My Father's World. It is a Bible-based, Charlotte Mason-esque, family-centered approach to homeschooling that allows me to teach topics once to all levels of students in our family--eventually.  :) Being that this is our first year to try such a thing, and being that Saylor's first grade materials will be, for the most part, a bit different than Noah's this year (and this year only), it won't be until next year that we should really begin to see things ease up on this stressed-out teacher. (The first grade program is entirely separate from the latter grades. So, poor school-lovin' Saylor is going to be doubling up a bit.)

So. That's it. Golly, I've got shivers of excitement!!! I really do. (I'm sick.) Now, I'm off to make a list or a schedule or some lesson plans. Maybe (even) ALL three!!!!

This post is part of The Not Back-to-School Blog Hop at Heart of the Matter. Go here to see our curriculum choices for last year. (Wow. The kids have changed so much since then!)


  1. sounds like you've got yourself set. have you had your middle son's speech assessed through the public school? If it is severe enough to receive services they have to service him even if he never goes to public school

  2. Oh my goodness! While I was reading the first section I was practically jumping up and down, waving frantically, and screaming, "Oooo, ooh, me too, me too!!" Looks like you are going to have a terrific year!

  3. Hi! I am stopping by from the NB2S blog hop! I totally ditto the above comment! I LOVE MARDEL! I wish (my husband and bank account do not)there was one a block away! And the laminating machines!! Ahhh!! Heaven!! Have a great school year!!

  4. Stopping by from the blog hop!

    We love Math U see!!

    I have a crazy love of curriculum's like if I buy it we will do it and it will be fun and we will learn it...and it all looks sooo good!!! I have so many ideas! ha!

    Your blog is beautiful by the way! I love it!

  5. So where did you get Drops in the Bucket? Looks REALLY cool!! Your curriculum choices look AWESOME!! When do you "officially" start??

  6. Love your blog... have a wonderful year!

  7. yay looks like a great year.. I too am super excited to get started!!! Your kids are adorable btw!


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